Wednesday , September 28 2022

The BP committee approved the removal of the immunity from Berezkin


The regulatory committee of the Verkhovna Rada at a meeting on Monday, November 19, supported the filing of the Prosecutor General to prosecute People's Deputy of the People's Will Group Stanislav Berzin, reports 112 Ukraine.

"Investigation, leading to NABU and SAP, are signs of criminal offenses committed by the current MP Berezkin under section 191 (embezzlement), 209 (laundering), 364 (abuse) and 366 (forgery of documents)" said Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko .

He explained that, according to the investigation, Berzkin organized a program in which Group Creative Group received a loan of 20 million USD from Oschadbank. According to Lutsenko, the loan was only partially secured, and the documents for the second part were staged.

"The investigation also determined that these funds acquired property rights property complex, which is located on the territory of Chernomorsk, therefore, the company, which received forged documents, according to researchers, was received from the State Oschadbank, the company transferred to foreign accounts, On the line of credit contracts, property property in the city of Chernomorsk, which now enjoys the People's Deputy Berezkin, "said Lutsenko.

The People's Deputy himself denies accusations of violations. He said that the loan was secured by two new elevators, which cost about 22 million USD. The People's Deputy admitted that the company would withdraw funds abroad, but after a few months the money was returned to the account of Creative Group in Oschabank.Then, the funds were used, as stipulated in the contract, as the company's working capital. The body of the loan and interest.

However, the prosecution insists that the loan was not returned on time, which means we are talking about losses of the state bank.

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