Saturday , May 21 2022

The launch of the first steylbcoin on the EOS-blockchain


It became known on the eve of the launch of the first barrier on the EOS block – the token is called CarbonUSD, it is tied to the dollar rate.

At the end of the working week, the developer of the carbon-token, announced in a press release about the launch of the property, and stressed that the token is available in the main block networks, which as a result will be important for the entire crypto industry in the long run.

CarbonUSD exists for about 2 months in the Etherium blockereain. Now it can be transmitted to EOS blockchain, which provides users with "no less commissions and a smaller processing time than Etherium". "Stablecoins offer critical value infrastructure, and we believe we can improve the EOS ecosystem." "We are proud to create the first steablcoin on the EOS block and believe we can improve the ecosystem of this cryptocurrency," announced Carbon CEO Sam Trautvein.

Large investors, cryptobirds and hedge funds will have access to early stylbcinin.

Institutional investors, hedge funds and stock exchanges will have early access to the token and will be able to work with it with the help of a mutual fund based on Nevada, which is a carbon partner and provides an opportunity to exchange dollars for CarbonUSD.

"Stablecoins as a property class is another breakthrough in the cryptocurrency industry."

Despite the fact that the company released the product after high-profile dollar steyblokino and Paxos standard, the Executive is confident that a unique algorithmic model used by CarbonUSD will distinguish them from other projects.

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