Monday , June 27 2022

The new Foton mid – range truck is entering the Russian market – Auto Review


Chinese futon company does not leave attempts to fight for the share of the freight market of our country. Almost a year ago, the editor of our column Fyodor Lapshin drove a tractor of this brand under the name Auman EST from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Now it has become known that the new EST M medium model entered the Russian market.

In China, Foton has a joint venture with Daimler. The same artist, who drove Fedor, got a taxi like the last generation of Mercedes Acros. But the new "expression" of the "Mercedes" to the car houses, and the cell remains essentially identical to the predecessor of the model Aumark 1217, even if it was a bit wide, making your stay more comfortable.

The gross weight of the new truck is 12 tons, while the bare chassis weighs more than five tons. In motion, it is driven by a 4.5 liter Cummins ISF engine – of course, made in China. It gives 210 hp and 760 nm of torque. The six-speed gearbox is the ZF brand, but it also has the "Made in China" stamp. He noted that at 80 km / h fuel consumption should be 16.1 l / 100 km. True, with or without luggage – not specified.

Standard interior cabin for trucks from Asia

In the cab of the new truck, a long-standing standard even for cars of this class are conveniences like electric windows, electrically heated heated mirrors and radio with the ability to connect devices via Bluetooth.

It is said that the Chinese worked on security. So, the frame of the new photon is improved, and all the disc brakes are Wabco marks. There is also ABS, ESP, as well as a signaling device for the junction of the marking lines.

There is a bed behind the seats.

With the new shipping truck, the Chinese over the next two years want to try to bring the company sales figures of 150-200 cars per year. Whether they succeed or not, time will tell, but if the former Aumark now has Foton dealers in the package version at 2.3 million rubles, then 3.4 million will already have to be paid for the new average. As they say, feel the difference.

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