Saturday , October 16 2021

The solar system is divided into streams of dark matter.

Spanish and English scientists have determined that the solar system crosses currents of dark matter, which travel at 500 km / h, a certain spirit associated with the flow of stars S1, created after the Milky Way swallowed a dwarf galaxy.

These news appeared in the journal "Physical Review D", broadcast

The S1 current consists of 34 stars passing through the solar system in the opposite direction to the rotation of our galaxy. S1 was discovered in 2017 when analyzing data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

According to the scientists, the flow of stars is in some way linked to the aura of dark matter because it has the same mass as the dwarf galaxy in the Pec constellation.

The universe is 78% baryonic matter, from which stars and other bodies are formed. The remaining 22% are dark matter. It can not be noticed in a standard way through the recording of electromagnetic radiation, since it affects ordinary objects using gravity forces.

It is assumed that the dark matter consists of WIMPs – particles that can be detected in theory by recording light detectors that reflect when these elements are scattered on nuclear nuclei. According to another theory, matter is a collection of contractions.

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