Friday , February 28 2020
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The spasm will improve the search and add the auto-emphasis to news


TwitchCon CEO Emmett Shire introduced a new platform on TwitchCon Europe 2019 streaming. According to him, in the near future the service will update the search and sorting system, introduce an automated recording system to highlight, reduce the time before payments to channel connectors and open karaoke access to all users.

After updating in June, a search on the spasm will automatically typographical errors, suggest possible channels and sections and remember previous requests. At the beginning of the summer, users will also be able to sort the broadcasts in sections according to the number of viewers. A recommendation system will also appear on the platform.

The new system of auto highlights, which will also be launched in June, will create a selection of the best moments immediately after the end of the broadcast. Streamers will be able to edit and save the short post to post it to social networks later, like a regular clip.

Emmett Shire also announced the completion of beta testing of Twitch Sings – Karaoke application with functionality to manage broadcasts. The PC version can already be downloaded from the official website.

Twitch reduced the payment time for partners and platform partners for 15 days. The new rule will come into effect on April 15th and will apply only to stereomers earning more than $ 100 a month. Previously, payments were made for 45 days.

TwitchCon Europe 2019 took place on 13 April in Berlin. The festival also hosted the fairy tale legends tournament. The Pepega team, attended by Alexander KTVSKY Leshkov, Anton Collares And Yogin iLame Pehtelev, ranked fourth.

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