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The star of a game of chairs named the final "disappointing"


The planet of the throne game called the last disappointing

Photo: HBO

Sophie Turner called the end of the game disappointing

According to Sophie Turner, he should upset all the fans. However, she herself was pleased with the ending.

Actress Sophie Turner, known for playing the role of Sansa Stark in the Game of Thrones, told of his final. As noted by the actress, he can upset all the fans. It writes a digital spy.

Turner said she was pleased with the final, but doubted fans of the show would disagree.

Sophie Turner also admitted that she had grown up with her character for many years, and now she is undergoing an identity crisis because she lost the alter.

The last episode was released on the evening of May 19. So the TV show was over.

Earlier it was reported that writer Stephen King stood up for the last game of chairs, which was stretched by fans.

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