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"There is no point in overclocking": Chief Police Volyn commented on the "Euroblacker" campaign – Ukraine


Blocking the borders with Poland continues.

On the western borders of Ukraine The protest action of "euroblaster" continues Against new laws for the customs release of cars with foreign registration. The demonstrators have already blocked a number of roadblocks, but in others he even got into fights with drivers TSN.19: 30.

The blockage ensures that they are all residents of villages near the border, and they went out to protest because they do not agree with the new law, according to which they have to register their cars in the euro trader and pay for them. "We can stand for a month or a week, until there are changes, the main thing is that we have a transition," one of them explained.

videoDue to the "Eurobluster" protest, the border with Poland in part with Hungary is blocked

They blocked the owners of cars in foreign rooms. Certain roadblocks, blocked at night and in the morning, are now blocked. But the situation remains very tense, it even comes battles.

Because of the protest

Militiamen are generally tolerant of protesters. "To disperse we do not have such instructions, I will not give such instructions right now, it does not make sense to exacerbate the situation and enter into such a strong conflict with people," explained the head of the regional police of Volin Piotr Spiga.

At Customs, they believe that the new law will have to unload the queues, because 70% of the cars passing through only Carcobs are cars on the euro. Drivers of these cars, so as not to clean their property, are forced to cross the border every five days. During the day, the actions of the new law were not cleared by any driver deposit was not paid.

Customs officers offer people who do not want to wait until the border is opened, to cross it on foot. "There is such an agreement with the Polish commander that if the roadblock starts, we can at these checkpoints, even if there is no pedestrian crossing, but we can release and give people legs, that is, a person who has the opportunity to leave the car there in the parking lot, Foot border, "said Levko Prokipchuk, head of customs Lviv.

Therefore, people who plan to cross the border are asked to take into account the situation, because how long the protesters will block the checkpoints is unknown. In Volyn on Monday among the participants of the shares Even a collision: The truck tried to cross the border and went to the demonstrators, and they began throwing lighted tires at him. The police were forced to intervene in the situation, several trucks finally managed to cross the border.

TSN wrote Maritza Kozik

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