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Tina Caroll showed a picture without makeup


Tina Kroll: A picture

Photo: Instagram / tinakarol_fantina

Tina Caroll showed her natural beauty

In the photo she was shot in the studio during the work process. In this case, makeup on the face is completely absent.

The singer Tina Caroll wrote a photograph on her index page, which was completely captured without makeup. Photography has won thousands of likes and lots of comments on the natural beauty of the celebrity.

In the photo, the actress is also caught in a light outfit – white pants, an ivory sweater and matching sneakers.

Secret Tina Carol

Next to her was another artist, David Axelrod (Vadim Tachachka, the real name of the artist).

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer Tina Carroll in a new clip appeared nude. Video shot on the vehicle power of water.

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