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Two years were lost. I can not provide a quick landing / Gordon


Head of Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Nizar Kholodnitsky, said that he still can not get information from the leadership of the National Anti-Corruption Office, where there are materials on corruption Ukroboronprom.

Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau hid the case in case of fraud in the security sector from SAP's claimants. About that Announced on March 14 the program to speak "the right Vladu" on the television channel "1 + 1" Head of the Special Anti-Corruption Office, Nizar Kholodnicki.

"I admit it was a failure in the investigation, but it's a failure in the procedure manual, but I'm sorry to admit that SAP's prosecutors did not know about the 87 pages of correspondence that they were deliberately transferred to the chief military prosecutor, Anatoly Matius, head of the detectives. , Detectives give material prosecutors to go to court with If these materials are lost somewhere in the walls of NABU, the prosecutor can not see them in any way. Although the law requires detectives to supply all materials ", – he said.

Kholodnitsky stressed that prosecutors can not control the "physically hidden" materials from them.

"Today we have the ninth day, during which I can not get information from NABU management, where these materials are, what their traffic. We have to admit that if it was not, we do not even know about these materials," he noted.

Kholodnitsky added that not only Ukroboronprom, but also Ukrzaliznitsya appear hidden materials from NABU from the SAP materials.

"I look forward to these materials, I've heard about them, but I want to see them," said the head of SAP.

He noted that in case of embezzlement in "Ukroboronprom" will have to start from the beginning.

"Two years are lost, but that does not mean that everything is lost, now should start an investigation, obviously two years are lost, and expect to landings speed, as someone wants, I will disappoint, I can not provide rapid inferiority without evidence basis", – concluded Kholodnitsky.

On February 25, 2019, the program "Our money is Dennis Biggus" published the first two parts of the investigation of embezzlement in the security sector of Ukraine. Journalists claim that members of the group, through the laying companies, resold the smuggling parts from the Russian Federation or parts stolen from Ukrainian military warehouses to Ukroboronprom factories. The key element of the program was OptimumSpetsdetal firm.

The next part of the investigation indicated that, due to actions of corrupt officials, Ukraine Almost broke a contract signed in 2016 AN-26 repair plane for Kazakhstan.

In the final part of the investigation of the program "Our Evil Money", which was released on March 11, it was reported that the National Bureau of Anti-Corruption brokered by independent agent Yevgeny Shevchenko Cross the From a list of fictitious, which allowed her to continue cooperation with the state concern Ukroboronprom. According to journalists, letters interests of Optimumspetsdetali were prepared by a detective Dmitry NABU Litvinenko. They were signed by the senior detective Oleg Borisenko.

On March 7, the director of the National Office Against Corruption, Artium Sitnik, said that his department has opened two criminal proceedings on the basis of investigative materials of the program Gashhi Nashi, and conducted about 20 searches, including in the residence of Gladkovskys. According to Sitnik, the investigations feature 10 organizations that are part of the structure Ukroboronprom, losses amount to about 1 billion USD.

Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko argued that the investigation materials, including correspondence from the phone of the Director Optimumspetsdetal, were transferred to NABU in 2017, but they were not allowed to go to the office.

On March 14, NABU suspended two detectives who were involved in the investigation Ukroboronprom corruption at

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