Monday , October 25 2021

Tyson Rage: Roach's experience comes in handy before and during the fight


Former world heavyweight champion Tyson Rage / Claims that the decision to invite famous coach Freddy Roach to the team was completely spontaneous and did not meet any ambitious goal, and the initiative came from coach Ben Davison.

"We're now training at Freddy's gym in Hollywood," Puri said. – Freddy's experience can be very useful, he gives good advice. Besides, he's a very nice person, so I thought you could invite him to the team and he could help us in the corner. Freddy is free to do whatever he sees in the corner. It is always useful to have a wise and experienced person in the corner, it will be my advantage. "

Recall that earlier champion former champion coach was his uncle Peter Fury, but their relationship at one point went wrong, so Ben and 26-year-old Davison led the preparation of Tyson outraged over the last two fights. Recently, his father John Fury also ejected from the Rage team, which was not given a US visa because of an unusual criminal record.

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