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UEFA may fine Bavaria for irregular shape –


Bavarian midfielder Leon Goretzka confused shirts for the Champions League match against Liverpool.

On the second leg of the Champions League final, against Liverpool, Bayern not only missed the ticket to the quarterfinals, but also under the threat of financial sanctions of UEFA.

The fact is that a 72 minute substitute of Leon Goretsk game confused shirts, and wore on uniforms designed for the Bundesliga. According to the rules, only one sponsor logo can be displayed on the T-shirt in the Champions League – on the chest, and in Goretsky, in addition to the authorized T-Mobile, the Qatar Airways logo was on his sleeve …

In addition to Gorecki's textile confusion, Bavaria is also facing a fine on the banner of fans: "Modern football kills emotions … F … VAR, F … UEFA".

These two chapters will be addressed at the meeting of the UEFA and Disciplinary Committee, which will take place on May 16.

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