Wednesday , September 29 2021

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry opposes severance of Kharkov agreements: Ukraine: Former Soviet Union:

The Foreign Ministry (MFA) of Ukraine opposed the termination with Moscow of the agreement to extend the stay of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet) in the Crimea until 2042 (Kharkiv agreements), despite the adoption of a bill condemning it by Rada and Rehovna, the newspaper writes. The Left Bank. “

According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko, breach of contract would complicate the prosecution process with Russia for the “occupation”, while the documented facts of its violation would provide Kiev with further arguments in international courts and a possibility to demand compensation.

“The agreement corrects the temporary nature of the establishment of the Black Sea Fleet, leaving in force Russia’s obligations not to have a nuclear arsenal, sets the total number of manpower, ships, weapons (…),” the diplomat said. . He noted that the document clearly set out Russia’s duty to “respect the sovereignty and legislation of Ukraine”, adding that the ministry would try to prevent the country from withdrawing from the treaty unilaterally.

“Agreements between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory until 2042” were signed in 2010. As part of these documents, it was agreed to deploy the fleet in the Crimean peninsula for 25 years in exchange for a 30% reduction in Russian gas prices. From $ 100 per thousand cubic meters.

In January 2021, for this fact, the State Bureau of Investigation accused former President Viktor Yanukovych of treason. The investigation believes that the documents violated Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and undisturbedness, as well as state and economic security.

In March, the Security Service of Ukraine, on behalf of the National Security and Defense Council, also opened a criminal case against former deputies and attendees of Rada and Rehovna, who voted to approve the Kharkov agreements more than ten years ago. Later, the deputy servants of the ruling People’s Party submitted to Parliament a bill condemning the convention.

The Crimean peninsula became part of Russia in March 2014 after a referendum in which most residents of the region who voted supported such a decision. Ukraine, EU countries and the United States have refused to recognize the results of the vote, calling for the peninsula’s unification with mainland Russia. The Russian authorities report these allegations and insist that the accession procedure was in accordance with international law.

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