Thursday , August 18 2022

Visitor Tishchenko in the Dnieper: the pros and cons of legendary Astoria


The fourth review of the Dnieper took place in the three-star hotel of the double room "Astoria".

An informer with a link to "New Channel" will see and tell you how the review took place.

Number met Nikolai Tishchenko hanging pen. Double room with high ceilings. Bright and spacious overlooking the construction site. The air conditioner is empty and dusty. Dirty chairs and dripping with an unpleasant smell. Clean the refrigerator with mineral water. TV mirrors. Despite the usual bed, the room was clean, the visitor was not pleased.

The impression of a relatively clean bathroom was spoiled by a mushroom on the bathroom and sink, an old "yellow" toilet bowl and a "tired" brush. Hotel service is also ambiguous, the white shirt of the "Secretary" ironed on the old ironing board, although well ironed.

Judgment: Position – white ball, number – black ball, service – white ball, prices – black ball, features – black ball. 3: 2 in favor of black. And the fourth repair in the Dnieper ended with nothing. The visitor does not recommend the Astoria Hotel in the Dnieper.

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