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What were Tina Karol and Yogi Ogrin. Photo, video

On April 28, 2013, after a long struggle with cancer, Yevgeny Oggyer, the husband and producer of singer Tina Kroll, died, Lime writes.

At the time of his death he was 32, and he managed to live only five years married to an actress. During this time, the couple had a son, who now grudges Carol fans and reads a copy of her father. Sid recalled how to look one of the most beautiful couples in the Ukrainian touring industry.

Tina Carroll and Yogin Ogir met in 2007 on one of the music channels. Later in her interviews, the artist recalled that it was not love at first sight. And the producer, it seems, paid no attention to the spectacular blonde.

Nevertheless, soon, the husband and future wife became colleagues. Ogir, as the singer's producer, made a tremendous contribution to the development of her career. Over time, their relationship became mutual love.

At the beginning of 2008 the couple secretly signed. Tina Caroll and Evgeny Ogir celebrated their wedding at one of the beer restaurants. A few months later – in the summer of that year – the couple married in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

2008 was a significant year for the couple that Tina Caroll gave birth to her first son, Banj's son, in November. Today, the boy is 10 years old, he studies in the UK, plays the piano, and as the painter often recalls, shows great interest in Ukrainian culture.

Tina Karol and Yevhen Ogir have repeatedly called one of the most beautiful couples in the Ukrainian show business.

In early 2012, Evgeny Oggyer was diagnosed with an oncological disease – doctors diagnosed with stomach cancer. The last time a player's wife was seen in public in 2012, at the Crimean Music Fest Festival. Then, the producer was in the hospital, from which he was not tried to leave.

For the artist, her husband's death was a hard blow. Carol canceled concerts and performances, for a while did not appear at all to the public. When the singer went out into the light. A necklace with Yogin's wedding ring was on her neck.

During these six years, Carol has devoted many songs from her show to her husband to show on her group lists.

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