Thursday , September 29 2022

Xiaomi has released a clock with sapphire glass for 1650 rubles: Hi-tech: VladTime


The new product is made entirely of quartz.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi released TwentySeventeen Ultra-Thin. The accessory is made of quartz and executed in a classic way. The main feature of the novelty is sapphire glass. You can buy watches for $ 25, and in Russia 1,650 rubles. The case of the novelty is made of 316 steel. Its thickness is only 5.5 millimeters. The creators say that Sapphire Crystal protects the new product from damage as well as water.

TwentySeventeen Ultra-Thin watches can be purchased in three colors: silver, gold and black. In China, it is already possible to issue a pre-order.

Anna Kotova

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