Tuesday , May 11 2021

5 new applications worth trying this week

Once again, we're back to introducing you to our selection of new apps and games for Android. Our editors and community created this list to help you discover your favorite new app.


This new arrival at the Play Store is quite a football game, but very funny because your players, known as Rumblers, are pretty weird (my favorite is Lazy Panda). You can build your team and then lead them in the field. Training is done well and the game will amuse children and adults alike.

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Mindes –

This application was presented to us by its developer in our German forum. Use this tool to create mindmaps. It may seem rather abstract, but it is actually a good way to organize your thoughts and ideas. Many options are available (including PDF sharing). Note, however, that this app is currently only available in the beta. Paid version (Pro) is also available.

mindz androidpit

Modern interface. / © ANDROIDPIT

You can download Pro and free version here.

Monsters with access

Developed by creators of Royal Rebellion 2, Monsters With Access is a new free online multiplayer game play where you have to control monsters and fight PVP battles. You must make your monster grow to gain strength. 8 players max can fight in the arena. The controls are very easy and the graphics are nice.

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This popular podcast app has been on iOS for some time, but just recently made its way into our beloved 'droid'. As the name implies, it focuses on comedy content and comedians, but it has developed much more, incorporating journalists, political and cultural commentators, technology entrepreneurs and more. The key feature here is a subscription to the Laughable Personality that gives you feed to their performances both in host / creator and guest too. It helps make sure you do not miss anything from your favorites!

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Despite his name, Laughable is not just about comedy. / © AndroidPIT

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There are games where all you have to do is run to avoid obstacles, and others like Noirmony where you "only" have to jump leaf leaf avoiding thorns. It may seem simple at first glance, but it may not be in practice, but you can use some things to improve your situation (such as a butterfly). The white / black / gray atmosphere is interesting as well as the ability to play offline.

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You may have noticed that we have a lot of games this week. It's not because we see games more important than regular applications, but simply because (well) new applications are much harder to find than new games (which are Legion). In addition, keep in mind that this choice is aimed at a number of markets / languages, making the selection even more difficult. If you are a developer or have noticed some good new applications, please feel free to let us know our comments or forum.

Have you seen any new cool apps this week?

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