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A scary diver and moment comes face-to-face with a mysterious 30-meter "Sea Snake"


This is the frightening moment when a diver meets face-to-face with a mysterious "sea surge" about thirty meters high like a giant condom.

Ben Laurie, 21, encounters a strange creature while diving near Cape Bret on the northern island of New Zealand.

Ben, from Kerikeri, New Zealand, said: "We were diving there for the kingfish and we were hooked up a few, and then we were coming up from one of the dives when my friend saw this thing.

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"It looked almost like a big condom, it was 10 feet long and nearly five feet high, and it just flowed with the tide."

Ben, who has years of water experience and an ambassador at the WildBlue dive shop, said he had not seen anything like it.

He added: "I did not know what it was then, so it was quite confusing.

"We get those like plankton build-ups – they're like little rough things but they're just like 20 inches.

"But one of the guys touched it and said it was not soft at all, it was more like a cardboard texture."

In fact, the creature is believed to be a pyrosome – a floating colony which is billions of sea squirts.

It enters by filtering microscopic plant cells from the sea, with each whistle whistling in the water outside the pyrosome and then releases the filtered water inside the colony.

He said: "It turns out that they come only from a depth of 2,000 meters (about 6,500 feet), so it is quite rare that they will rise in the shallows like this.

"It must have been sick or something.

"Once it gets a little too high, because it has a more softer texture, the fish seems to eat it, so it stays deep."

Anyway, Ben knows he's lucky to make a unique impression.

Ben said a scientist told him it was "a rare thing of a lifetime."

This story originally appeared in the sun.

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