Friday , May 14 2021

A single-dose vaccine could open up Amber List holidays to young Britons

A The system of traffic lights for operating foreign holidays should be announced today that you can see travelers who are fully vaccinated in quarantine a step back from the “Amber List” destinations.

Those who are not fully vaccinated when restarting a trip will be required to perform additional tests and face 10 days of self-isolation when returning from countries on the “amber” list, which may include major holiday destinations in Europe, such as Spain. Greece.

Many young holidaymakers will not receive the two packages before the early launch date offered for an international trip on May 17, but the unrestricted holiday options could be expanded by Jensen’s single dose which should be deployed among younger adults as a ‘hit and miss’.

“Where it will be useful it can work really well for the younger group – ages 18 to 29. One hit and you’re done – and you go out to Ibiza,” a source told the Telegraph of the vaccine.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to unveil details of a holiday traffic light system today at 5pm and the travel industry welcomed the restart plans, calling for a clearer system than last summer.

Paul Charles, chief travel officer at the PC, said: “Regularly updated traffic lights will provide more clarity and certainty than last year, but ideally there will be a two-week notice period before countries move from one color category to another. The last thing you want in a two-week break is that you have to go home halfway because your destination has gone from green to amber. “

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