Monday , April 12 2021

Bill Nye Science Guy asks "Are you tall?" Humans will never go to Mars news

NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin said the colonization of Mars could be settled in 2040, while technology billionaire Eilon Musk is more ambitious, and he says Because he hopes to bring people to the Red Star in the 1930s. Last year, SpaceX chief executive said that the mission could be done in about ten years, maybe earlier, maybe nine years.

However, Bill Ni, who came to fame as Bill Nye Science Science, a popular American children's show in the 90s, and is a talented scientist, has squashed proposals and humans will ever live there.

Not only will humans not live on the Red Planet, Mr. Nee says there is no chance that it will be terraformed into a more residential place, like Earth.

Speaking to the US today, Mr. Nye, 62, said: "The whole idea of ​​terraforming Mars, as respectable as I can be, are you tall guys?

"We can not even care about this planet in which we live, and we fit perfectly, not to mention another planet.

"People do not agree with me about this, and the reason they do not agree is that they are wrong.

"It does not make sense because it's so cold, and almost no water.

"There is no food, and the big thing, I just remind these people, there's nothing to breathe."

However, Mr. Nye is a huge fan of sending people to the Red Planet, but only as a temporary visitor.

By placing man on Mars, they will be able to properly explore the Red Planet and massively increase the chances of finding life.

He continued: "We would send people for discovery, to investigate, that's the big idea.

"If we found evidence of life on Mars, it would change the course of human history."

However, SpaceX CEO Mr. Musk believes Mars can be terraformed so that one day is suitable for humans.

He said earlier this year that one way to do this is to drop thermo-nuclear bombs at the poles of the planet – where most of the planet's CO2 is then released into the atmosphere, which will thicken it, keeping Mars warm enough to sustain liquid water, The greenhouse build up on Earth.

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