Thursday , September 29 2022

Former boss boss Cliff Bleszinski insists he will never "do" another video game


"I get you sad, but God, that's another reason I never do another game"

Former boss boss Cliff Bleszinski told his followers on Twitter that he "never" do another video game.

Although initially promising the fans he hoped to "do something new again one day" when are Lawyers Studio folded In May, in a recent clash with a Twitter commentator, Blaszinski hinted that he was not going back to industry (thank you,

The chirping that he responded to was erased now, but it was originally outraged at Blashinsky for not returning players who had lost when Boss Key Productions closed. "All of you will not return players who stuck to you and spent money for you to keep the content," said the deleted Twitt. "Cliff looked at you during the gears of war and sad to see you where you are. I wish you'd come back, now all that money is conditioned [sic].

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