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Fortnite Season 6, Week 7 Challenges and tips getting them to do fast



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Weeks Was certainly a pleasurable change of pace from Fortnite: Battle Royale As Halloween approached, but now is the time to go back and play the game without the zombies chasing everyone else. You can still get your zombie patch by playing in a limited time terrorist team mode, but luckily, this is no longer a requirement for any game mode.

Now that Portnit was back to normal, there was a glimmer of hope that the challenges this week would continue to play the game, but now that they were alive, it seemed like it would be grinding.

If you did not end the challenges last week, Check out our guide here.

Here are the challenges of the week:


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  • Search seven boxes of ammo in one game (0/7)
  • Deal headhot damage to opponents (0/500)
  • Step 1: Damaged damage to opponents in one game (0/300) – Difficult

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  • Step 1: Destroy Trees (0/50)
  • Diving Through Floating Rings (0/20)
  • Step 1: Consume five apples (0/5) – hard
  • Eliminate the opponents in the park pleasant (0/3) – hard

How to search seven boxes of ammo in one game

This is a challenge we have had in the past. On the surface, it looks pretty easy, but I've been having trouble finding seven boxes of ammo before before the storm began to close in. Your best bet here is to drop to a named place and focus on it for a couple of games until you get it.

How to deal with initial damage to opponents

If you want to use sniper rifles, you're probably going to fly through this challenge. But if you're bad with snipers, like me, the best way to supplement it is to let it happen naturally during the week using guns you're comfortable with. 500 damage is a lot, but even if you do not crack shot, you must get headshots at least some of the time.

How to do Stage 1: Deal damage to opponents in one game

It's a pretty dull one, but the positive side is that this challenge and the one before it works together so if you are a good sniper you have the opportunity to take out two birds with one stone.

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These tackle tackle challenges will be much easier with the new heavy AR that dropped in the patch of the week.

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How to do Stage 1: Destroy trees

I thought it was one of the placeholders when the challenges were leaked initially that destroying trees just was not very fun destroying 50 trees going to take you a little. If you are like most players, though, you probably destroy a lot of trees at the beginning of each game so it should not take too long to finish stage 1 just playing in a normal way.

How to dive through floating rings

We have not seen the rings floating for awhile and they are always a fun challenge when you fall into games. The only problem here is that it is almost impossible to clean up more than three drop rings one, so it's going to take you some games to get all 20.

How to do Stage 1: Consume 5 apples

It's also pretty boring (like destroying trees), but it's going to be more challenging than you think. The problem is that you can only consume apples after you've taken damage. Presumably, if this challenge is rigged with sticks and a consuming theme you would probably go over mushrooms after that, which would be easier to complete

How to eliminate the opponents in a pleasant park

It's pretty simple. You'd just want to go into Pleasant Park, pick up equipment, then carry on with the attack. While it may take you a few games to complete it, you should definitely try to start with it right away when everyone sounds into a pleasant park to complete the challenge.

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