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Katie price "closed" business failed KP clothing boutique after it remained with only 13 pounds in the bank


Broke Katie has the price to close her failing fashion business as she continues to fight crippling debts.

40-year-old Ben Zohar is desperately looking to cut costs as much as possible after being given another extension in her bankruptcy case last month.

In Mecca Treya, Mother of Five is now forced to close the company of flop KP Boutique, which has a variety of loungewear for its fans.

According to Sun, the company – which was launched in 2016 – was only 13 pounds in the bank. In July she retired from the company's management.

Katie skids

Katie was also previously forced to shut down her KP Bling business, which was obviously in trouble when her site went through "scheduled maintenance".

It comes as Katie was in the imagination to finally clean up her cluttered Sussex estate, which she is desperate to sell.

Mother-of-5 was mottled and rolling her sleeves and fiddling with a dust pan and a brush as she began to clean up her ruined mansion.

Kieran Heiler went on

Dressed in a red-and-short-sleeved shirt, dressed in Katie, dressed in the furniture that led the door, as if she were about to be removed.

Once she had arranged the closets and tables, Katie had come to work with a broom, sweeping her armpit.

Katie with Princess and Junior /

Katie Price is never far from the headlines, but 2018 has been traumatic for the star

Katie once said that the expenses for Sussex's £ 2 million estate management "bleed her dryness" when she paid thousands to renovate her interior after falling in love with her "old look."

Meanwhile, the rumor to raise money was rumored to have led to the glamor model, which was once thought to be worth £ 40 million, to rush to unleash its reality series in my crazy life.

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