Monday , October 25 2021

Katie Price enjoys battles at bedtime with Bunny and Jets like fans urging her to "keep her head"


When times get hard, it is often the case that returning to the simple pleasures of life can bring some happiness back to your wellbeing.

Katie Price has a few disturbing weeks in which she struggles with bankruptcy and has time in the Priori & As she looks to get her life back on track.

After several hectic days when the 40-year-old former glamor model told friends she wanted to marry her toy toy, Kris Boyson, Katie published a few more home-grown pictures at Instagram.

She may be separated from her husband Kieran Heiler but the children that this relationship produced are still something that keeps Katie grounded, especially in difficult times.

On Thursday night, Katie presented photos on Instagram of her daughters cuddling Bunny and Jill Hailer at bedtime.

"My Life Crazy Life" TV star Caption Photos: "My two babies hug me in bed tonight"

Another post of Bunny's picture was written, "Love Bunny my bops bomny bops in my bed having muddy cuddles tonight," as Katie shared with her 1.9 million intimate moment followers.

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For someone who could be the subject of intense trolling, there was a wave of troubled planet support among those who responded to the Instagram post.

Katie Price promised her future to Kris Boyson, according to friends

Katie Price hopes that times are happy ahead

One fan wrote that "so many bad people who want to judge, go on with your life and leave her alone!"

Then he pushed Katie, "Go on and keep your head, hard times make tough people."

There was also consolation for Katie, who said: "You and your children are good at ignoring the haters to keep fighting. You'll get there."

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