Thursday , September 29 2022

Liverpool to transfer news: Bundesliga star to move to Enfield in Klopp-keen on January deal


The Reds were one of the most active teams in the Premier League this summer at the transfer window.

Like Allison, Nebi Keita, Fabinho and Xherdan Shakiri came to add some quality grade, while Jill Van Dijk joined in January.

But despite this, Klopp is looking to turn to the winter market once again to strengthen his side as they seem to push Manchester City down all the way to the title.

Both sides are unbeaten in the league this year, with the city coating on the table in two points.

And the German director would turn to one of his former students at Dortmund, where Klop had gained fame.

According to Express, midfielder Hoffenheim Demirbay is high on the radar of 51 years old.

25-year-old has emerged as a leading goal for Klopp who is following his progress for most of the season.

He is a well known Clop player after he came through Dortmund Academy before moving to SV Hamburger.

Demirbay was a Turkish international U21 before the transition of his nationalities to Germany in 2017.

While in Hoffenheim, the Harten-born star has developed into a multi-purpose link, and is able to complete defensive and firm missions throughout the field.

Clop is a big hit with Liverpool Stars and Trent Alexander Arnold claimed that the preparations of the German is the key to his success.

"He demands a lot of his players and that's why he has been very successful throughout his career," he says.

"We all bought the ideas he brought into the group.

"I think with the right mentality the team can go a long way with the thinking it brought and we pushed forward in the last three years and I'm sure we can move forward even more in the coming years."

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