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Report: Cheaper, disc-free Xbox One next option next year


Psht, who needs them?

Psht, who needs them?

Microsoft plans to release a diskless version of the Xbox One as early as next spring, according to a report not provided by author Brad Sams of (which was reliable with earlier Xbox related information in the past).

The report suggests that the disk-free version of the system will not replace the existing Xbox One hardware, and it would instead represent the "lowest possible price for the Xbox One S console." Sams says the price could reach $ 199 or lower, At the current price of the system at $ 299 (but not convincing compared to $ 199 for the Xbox One and PS4 transactions planned for Black Friday this year.) Buyers can also add a subscription to the Xbox Games Pass program for a small fee of $ 1, .

For players who already have games on a disc, Sams says Microsoft will offer a "digital disc" program in collaboration with participating participants. Players will be able to take their discs to participating retailers (including Microsoft stores) and trade them for "digital eligibility" that can be applied to their Xbox Live account.

SMS said that the new hardware does not mean that Microsoft gives up distributing games using a disk. In fact, Sams says a lower cost update of the traditional Xbox One S, with some accompanying features removed, is also planned sometime next year. The new hardware without disks is also separate from Microsoft's reported programs for a flow-oriented box, code named Scarlett, that is expected by 2020.
The idea of ​​a hard disk without an Xbox One does not come entirely out of blue. Microsoft, Phil Spencer, said in 2014 that the company was seriously considering removing the disk drive from the Xbox One, by mid-2013, a few months before launch. This consideration, of course, comes between Microsoft Mud and confused of flipping on used game rights and owning a digital game at all around the same time frame.

The idea of ​​a low-cost, download-focused system also fits well with Microsoft's newly announced access program, which gives users a free Xbox One Hardware with a two-year subscription to the Xbox Live and Xbox Games Pass. In both cases, it seems that the drive is designed to reduce the cost of access to a huge digital access to Xbox games, including backward-compatible titles from older console generations.

The prevalence of the market for downloadable gaming console has certainly increased since 2013 when the Gamestop survey found 60 percent of customers did not buy a system that did not play used games. Recently, 50 percent full of initial sales Fate 2 On the consoles came a way to download instead of a disk, which implies the transition from physical communication may have reached a turning point. It has been more than six years since EA said it expects to be a "100 percent digital company" in the future and that eventually the end of retail sales sales is "inevitable".

Here at Ars, we publicly pondered the pros and cons of a console without physical media back in 2015 and again just last year. While the market will not be ready for a console without a disc platform Just yet, having a low cost, no – disc hardware like possibility Perhaps only an idea whose time has come.

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