Thursday , May 13 2021

Respawn confirm new game modes come from fairy tales

Community Manager from Respawn Entertainment has ensured that promised new game modes will be added to legend legends in the near future.

The game broke into the Royal Battle scene in February 2019 and achieved unprecedented success in the opening months of the Fortnite competitor, but popularity has declined in recent weeks due to lack of updates from Respawn.

Currently, the only available situation is Traus and Apex fans were desperate for developers to add other playlists, such as the Deathmatch team to spice up their gaming experience – finally, their wish could be received soon as the works of Respawn verified that the changes were on the way.


Trius is currently the only available mode for Apex Legends.

Apex confirms new game modes

During the question and answer on the official meeting Apex Legends subreddit, the community administrator Respawn with the username / JayFresh_Respawn gave players a number of updates on the development mode of the game.

One Reddit user asked if Respawn would take their feedback on the board and apply new modes into the game and got the response he was looking for.

The answer was short, but straight to the point.

What new situations will be added to Apex Legends?

The community manager has not given clues as to what situations will be added but it is likely that Respawn will add new playlists that will allow you to play with any grade size like most other games such as solos, duos and vertebrates.

Apex can also follow Fortnite's footsteps and add a multilevel version that will suit players based on their skill to allow players a more competitive experience – perhaps even custom games, which were featured during the Twitch Rivals broadcast, will be available for the general public to attend.

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