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Singleton's minor damage unit was temporarily closed


The reduced injury unit (MIU) at Singleton Hospital in Swansea will be closed from Monday to early spring, due to major renovations in the nearby unit.

The Singleton Assessment Unit (SAU) will be moved temporarily to another part of the hospital, class 20, as the heavy repair work can not be performed safely alongside the patients.

The transition of the SAU will, however, affect the hospital's mild injury unit, which is near the SAU's door.

The minor injury unit will be closed from Monday, November 12 to early spring 2019.

Singleton Hospital.

The ILA's opening hours are 8am to 8pm on weekdays, 8am to 1pm on weekends, and is staffed by family doctors. However, for a while the staff of a reliable unit was a struggle.

The medical intelligence unit had to close in a very brief statement because the doctors were not available to cover shifts, and were closed every Sunday for 17 weeks.

Patients can not be notified of closing short messages, so some arrive and find it closed.

So far, SAU's staff have been able to assist if needed, but during the renovation work they will be several floors up in another part of the hospital.

ABMU's Health Board states that there is not enough room in ward 20 to transfer the MIU as well, so it is not an option to transfer both services together.

Doctors are therefore concerned about safety risks for patients in the ward who can find a closed unit, and no one is available to help them.

Dr. Steven Greenfield, Dr. Stephen Stephen, said: "We feel the safest option is to close the Construction and Construction Unit while renovating the SAU and reopening it in early spring, after completion of the work.

"While the vast majority of patients who use the intensive care unit in mild conditions, there is a very real risk that if someone comes to emergency treatment in a difficult situation and finds it closed, there will be no one to help them.

"If this were to happen when the SAU was open, the SAU team would be able to arrange an emergency transfer to Morriston Hospital, but it would not be an option once the SAU team moved elsewhere.

"For this reason, it is safer to close the unit.

"We can then ensure that we do everything in our power to warn people, including a media campaign, changing our signs, fixing information on the site and so on.

"Upon completion of the work, the unit will reopen."

Unit Singleton Assessment (SAU) Renovation

The Saigleton Assessment Unit (SAU) is an open-door service that treats patients who have been referred directly to community health clinics and specialists.

It also accepts patients evaluated by the ambulance service not 999 emergency situations, but still need to go to hospital for acute medical evaluation or admission.

The SAU sees about 8,500 medical approvals per year and will now undergo significant improvements over the next 4 to 5 months in response to concerns raised by the ABM and Health Inspectorate Wales Health Council about the overall layout and fabric of the unit.

Singleton Hospital

The £ 300,000 work will include building new modern services, redesigning the layout to better assist nurses in treating patients, improving pollution control and storage facilities, and providing additional space for non-clinical support staff to free up room for patients.

Demand for Singleton's SGU grew, with 16% more patients arriving last winter than 2016-17.

Which service to use while the Singlet MIU is closed

When Singleton's cigarette unit is closed, patients are consulted for alternative services, including the minor injuries unit at the Port Talbot Hospital, and the emergency department at Morristown Hospital, Swansea.

They can also ring toll free 111 consulting service at any time.

Recent recent hospital developments include an investment of £ 340,000 in a comprehensive assessment of the front door for older people, and £ 230,000 in the early release of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Following the SAU upgrade and the reopening of the MU, the Health and Medical Board at Singleton Hospital will begin exercising to talk about the additional opportunities to improve the front door treatment at the hospital.

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