Tuesday , August 9 2022

Sky Sword Get Port Nintendo Exit


The rumor mill is fully churning these days, with some of the latest gossip being that Nintendo can be working on a switch-re-release of The Legend of Zelda: The Sword of Heaven.

The nice thing about the latter Zelda The rumor is that it has not been leaked to the Internet or supposedly said by "someone familiar with the project". Instead, it is The sword of heaven Buzz comes directly from the series Eiji Aonuma himself.

According to a message on Weibo (via Eurogamer), Aonuma recently popped up during the course Zelda Concert in Osaka, Japan. The orchestra was in the middle of an evening of favorite tunes from the long series, when Onoma simply said something, "I know what you think, The sword of heaven For a switch, right? "It probably received a big response from the audience, as soon as a bunch of people who participated in the event began to publish social media, Zelda The entire community.

The sword of heaven He's a strange duck Zelda Series due to its unique controls, design and when the game was launched. For starters, it launched close to the end of the Wii's run, meaning that a lot of people have already moved from the terminal at this point. Second, the game use the Wii controller of Motion Plus, when you control the sword of the Swipes by swinging around the arm. Finally, Nintendo has made some brave choices with the design, abandoning an open world for the more powerful blocks of the map for the players to explore and fill them with mazes should be played many times.

the first one Zelda A chronological game, The sword of heaven Also boasted a beautiful orchestral soundtrack, probably related to Onoma's paper on his unreadable remark. And given the fact that Ocharyna of Time, A mask of instruction, wind wind and The Twilight Princess Have already received a loose update, it certainly will The sword of heavenIt's his turn to shine on a new platform. I think I'd rather have a wrench switch that offers the 3DS remakes of Ocarina and A directive But, hey, beggars can not be chosen.

As noted in the original message, re – release of The sword of heaven Was also falling in line with Nintendo's apparent desire to see a Zelda Launch the game for the switch every year. Wild Breath / Stole the show last year, this year, we arrived Warriors. Switch version of vista The sword of heaven In 2019 would certainly help that trend continue.

Now to the big question: How much work is ready to do to improve the game for Switch? The main concern for many fans is the controls, which were not super reliable on the Wii. The Joy-Cons work well enough for motion control, but it can be smarter for Nintendo to just remap things in buttons only. It would also allow people to play the game in mobile mode, which would certainly be my preferred method of adventure.

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