Thursday , May 19 2022

Suffolk police issue more than 100 fines for drivers parked illegally in the road Bruns, Bury St. Edmunds


Drivers parked illegally on a residential street in St. Edmunds pitfalls have been hit with more than 100 parking tickets since January.

The Suffolk police spent 116 regular fines to buy tickets for cars parked on the grass on the edge of the Brons road this year after residents feared drivers were using the street to avoid parking lots at the nearby West Suffolk hospital, which grew by 3 percent in April.

But resident Philip Hobson said that despite being "a step in the right direction", more should be done to stop the completely illegal parking.

The Suffolk Police Division has distributed 116 regular penalty cards in Brown Road, St. Edmunds, since January 2018 (5284695)
The Suffolk Police Division has distributed 116 regular penalty cards in Brown Road, St. Edmunds, since January 2018 (5284695)

"The problem is they do not have the staff to do it on a regular basis," he said.

"It does not reduce the problem or makes it disappear at all because people know that if the police go around one day, they will not be in the next round."

Clrr Sarah Stamp, representing the department at the St. Edmundsbury Borough Council, said that issuing tickets is a good way to discourage drivers from dangerous parking.

"It's great to see the police doing action as this is an ongoing problem for the residents that we worked hard to solve," she said.

A police spokesman said the officers were working on a long-term solution to the problem.

He added: "Police patrol when possible at Bury St Edmunds and can handle vehicles that cause obstruction or are parked illegally.

"Punishment notices will be issued if necessary, and we always call on all members of the public to shop legally, responsibly and responsibly."

Craig Black, director of hospital resources, said that increasing parking lots is a "hard decision", which the hospital is not "easy".

"Unfortunately, we only have control of our parking lots and have no authority over the nearby public roads, and we are aware that this location is a cause of community concern and we continue to encourage people to contact the local safety team of Suffolk, which will provide support as needed," he said.

"We understand the concerns of the residents, and it is clear to us with the staff that we do not support this behavior.

"Following the feedback from patients, staff and residents nearby, we invested in our parking facilities, and last year opened another 400 parking spaces in the hospital.

"The hospital is not taking the decision to charge for the car and parking is easy, but it is known that the NHS is facing some significant financial challenges.In the past eight years, the funding we received has not kept pace with the growth in demand we have seen, so we are asked to do more with less. Sometimes making difficult decisions to ensure that we can keep providing high quality care.

"All the money that the fund makes from the car park is reinvested in our services and provides care to patients, and for a year, the income for this parking is roughly equal to a full nurses' ward.

"We always want to ensure that our car charges fair charges comparable to other NHS organizations.The on-site parking team is largely capitalized, and we also provide garage parking at the St. Edmunds Rugby clubhouse, with the use of a shuttle bus to and from the hospital, our.

"Parking concessions are also available for caregivers, and those who are attending Macmillan or kidney units for treatment.Inpatients on income support or family credit are also able to claim some reimbursement for car parking charges, and specific arrangements can be made under specialist circumstances for some patients undergoing treatment or treatment Short stay.

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