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The original Command & Conquer devs will remaster the first series of games in one package


There is no game yet - just a familiar logo (which we slap on a sweet, blazing explosion).
To enlarge / There is no game yet – just a familiar logo (which we slap on a sweet, blazing explosion).

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After a soft announcement on a new one Command and Conqueror / The project last month, EA took the enveloping program that (hopefully) provide it's 90s real-time strategy series. Great fans. Production has officially begun on the full remaster of the first two Command and Conqueror / RTS Games – 1995 The Original sequel 1996 AlertWith all expansion packages included as part of the full package.

Moreover, the development is being led by Petroglyph Games, a studio created from the original ashes C & C Westwood Development Studio.

"It gets the band back together," said Petroglyph Audio Director Frank Klepacki in a video post on Wednesday. "That's how it should be, we were all there from the beginning."

<img alt = "Petroglyph Games" C & amp; C Veterinarian, L.R. Mike Lage, Frank Kalpaki, Jim and Sala, Ted Morris. "src =" jpg.adapt_.crop16x9.1455w-980×551.jpg "width =" 980 "height =" 551″/>
To enlarge / Petroglyph Games C & C Veterinarian, L-R: Mike Legg, Frank Klepacki, Jim Vesla, Ted Morris.


Rent of Klepacki as part of C & C Remastered The team was announced today, and joins other veterans Westwood J. Bostick (series "co-creator), Steve Tal (AlertOf the chief programmer), and Mike Lage (an audio team member since the founding of Westwood 1986). Petroglyph will partner with the Malaysian art studio outsourcing, Lemon Sky, to develop the new games of 4M ready "remastered games." Although the announcement did not clarify why the studio was chosen, Lemon Sky's work on solid last year Starcraft Remastered Maybe it had something to do with it.

No release window has been released or clues of console versions, as EA's news release includes an honest clarification: "We have not yet started development." However, even at this early stage, the team made it clear that the full package of original games and expansion packages attached, designed to launch on the computer, will come bundled in one full "no microtransactions". This specific phrase may be designed to calm everyone who is left with a sour taste in their mouth after the 2018 experience of the only smart game Photo 2 From: Command & Conquer:, Which tried to exploit Collision RoyalIn the style of bloat microtransaction – and felt a bit like the classic C & C game as a result.

We can only hope to access the original C & C license is what Petroglyph should return to its old glory days. A glimpse of the studio's studio output since 2006 includes a change in recent years to take advantage of the early '01 fever.

Lewis Castle, another member of the original Westwood team, will be his C & C Thoughts offer in 2019: An after-death presentation in the Game Developers of the March Conference on the development of the original game. Castle currently works for Amazon Game Studios, and the EA announcement does not include any hint of swiping it to work temporarily on this remaster project.

C & C Remaster Video message.

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