Tuesday , August 9 2022

WALTER official stamp with WWE


WALTER has officially signed with WWE.

PWInsider first reported on the news today, which was approved by Dave Meltzer. It was expected that Walter would sign a deal for NXT UK, and PWInsider wrote that it would "be part of Europe's WWE expansion programs, including the UK NXT brand."

Meltzer reported in March that the WWE was interested in signing Walter and wrote in September that the situation was "back to life" and the talks became serious between the parties.

Walter, who is from Austria, is a star for WXW and is the current world champion in Wrestling Progress and OTT Wrestling. He dropped the PWG World Title to the Globe last month.

During an interview with The Mirror in September, WALTER referred to WWE reports that wanted to sign him: "I do not know if I mentioned it, but being part of the raw staff or SmackDown has nothing I'm interested in. I do not want to live in the US, I really like NXT, I think it's a great product, full of the best talent in the world, and I'm focused on competition in the arena and that's something I enjoy.

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