Friday , March 5 2021

What’s new on Netflix: Plans for finished viewing this weekend including Behind Her Eyes

Netflix has put out a series of new shows and movies to get stuck in as we spend another weekend locked up.

And for those who may have almost completed Netflix, other streaming platforms also have a lot to offer.

Netflix, Sky, Amazon, BBC iPlayer and NOWTV have hosted us during these trying times as we continue to sink into something that will help us escape reality.

This week, Sky Documentaries broke records for its most talked-about documentary “Framing Britney Spears” which made many talk online.

Framing Britney Spears – Sky and NOWTV

Britney Spears framing was very successful

First is the documentary that made the whole world talk.

Britney Spears’ framing looks at the singer’s rise to fame, her struggles in the spotlight over the past 22 years and her father Jamie’s controversial conservatism scandal.

One of the most amazing moments of the documentary saw an American Fortune-style show and asked the question ‘where one thing Britney Spears lost this year’, to which contestants replied ‘hair’ on her marriage ’and even‘ on her mind ’when the host giggled.

Sky Documentaries is Channel 114 for all Sky subscribers in the UK. It is also available on Virgin Media on Channel 278.

Behind her eyes – Netflix

Eve Husson in action behind her eyes

This new six-episode thriller only hit Netflix on Wednesday and has already garnered reviews.

Louise, a single mother tired of her unfulfilling role as secretary, begins an affair with her new boss David before forming a friendship with his wife Adele.

The strange love triangle leads Louise to get entangled in a dangerous web of secrets, because no one and nothing looks what it looks like.

Tribes of Europe – Netflix

In post-apocalyptic Europe, between the wars between the micro-countries, three brothers are fighting for survival when a greater threat looms over the continent.

There are six episodes to get stuck in, all of which are now available to watch on Netflix in the UK.

Crime Scene – Netflix

Although it’s not entirely new this week, it’s the most watched show on Netflix in the UK at the moment.

If you’ve seen mentions of the Cecil Hotel across social media over the past week, this program is the reason.

The infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles grows infamous when guest Alyssa Lam disappears. If you liked the serial killer’s documentary ‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’, you may want to put it at the top of your bing watch as it was created by that person.

There are four episodes to indulge in.

White House Farm – Netflix

If you missed it on ITV early last year, a six-part factual drama, The White House Farm, revolves around one fateful night in August 1985, when five members of the same family were murdered in an Essex farmhouse; Sheila Kappel, her six-year-old twin sons, Daniel and Nichols, and her parents, Neville and June Bamber.

Essex police initially believed that Sheila, who was suffering from mental problems, murdered her family before turning the gun on herself. But the suspicion then turned to her brother Jeremy.

It’s a sin – everything 4

It’s a sin

The drama of the acclaimed TV writer Russell T. Davis, the man responsible for series like Queer as Folk, Bob and Rose and Years and Years, deals with the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, society’s reaction to it and the struggles of university people. This heart.

It’s A Sin, brave, powerful and highly educated, has garnered rave reviews since the first episode hit screens, becoming the No. 1 trend on Twitter.

The Bay – ITVHub

Thomas Lau as Eddie Martin
The Bay on ITV

The sixth and final episode of the successful ITV series will be out on Wednesday night, but if you can not wait to find out what’s up, or have not yet started, you can watch all series 1 and 2 on ITVHub right now.

It was in 2019 that millions of viewers first connected to the Morecambe show, pulling in over seven million each episode.

Fans are immersed in the mystery surrounding the disappearance of twins Holly and Dylan and Detective Lis Armstrong’s unfortunate relationship with a family detective after she slept with their stepfather the night they disappeared.

It was a relationship that could cost Lisa her job and when Series 2 kicked off last month, she found herself in a career dilemma until the murder of a local businessman saw her driven back to the job.

And there was good news for fans when they approved the third Bay series.

Roe Paul’s drag race in the UK – BBC iPlayer

Lawrence Cheney wore a dress inspired by Charles Renee Macintosh

The second season has just begun its sixth episode, and while some drag racing fans have remained lukewarm following the recent run from the US, drag racing in the UK is going from strength to strength.

Scottish Queen Lawrence Cheney and Eli Diamond have been amazing so far and we hope they make it to the end!

All series 1 and the six episodes of season 2 so far are available to watch in Iplayer. If you enter the second season you will be ready for Bing Bang Bong to get stuck in your head forever.

Netflix movies

The streaming service released 78 huge new movies this week that include along came Polly, AI, Mama Mia, Oh the Brother Where You Are, Open Water and Red Dragon.

Others that have lasted in recent days include the It It sequels all or nothing and in it to beat it, Meg Van Helsing.

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