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WWE Survivor Series 2018 – game recaps and ratings for Rhonda Rousey Charlotte Flair, Brooke Lesnar-Daniel Bryan and more


The 32nd edition of the WWE Survivor Series took place at the Center of the Cycles in Los Angeles. In the past week there have been changes galore, as Becky Lynch's injury led to the game of Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rossi, while Brian Bryan's World Championship win on Tuesday set up a dream match against Brock Lesnar.

After a 10-on-10 traditional Survivor Series deduction kickoff show, Raw and SmackDown also battle 5-by-5 ​​battle men and elimination matches as well.

Arash Marxie lived in Los Angeles all night, with Sean Coyle, Tim Faironti and Matt Wilensky, who eventually repeated the game.

(c) – notes Champion

in bold: Indicates Survivors (s)

Champion World Champion vs WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar def. Daniel Bryan

The main event of the Survivor series was a three-part story. It all started with Daniel Bryan dancing around Ring Antigoning and Brock Lesnar, seemingly trying to filter out Lesner's stick access approach. Finally, finally, Busner put his hands on Brian, landed in a very real and uncomfortable suplex that knocked Bryan down, and spent the next ten minutes hugging and holding Brian everywhere.

They all had the same feeling as the San Francisco Sommerslam 2014 Sinsarlam destruction, but when the fans fell silent and the question of what was going on increased, the third act went into gear – and that was from that point on Brian and Lesner putting on one hell of a show to close the Survival Series. To the great shock of most fans watching the show, Bryan had two or three moments when he really felt like he was going to stop the monumental victory.

Eventually, Lesner won, but he somehow felt as though he had run away with the victory instead of earning it – a rare moment indeed during that time in Lesner's career.

Few knew what to expect from Brian going into this game, as he had his first appearance since winning her WWE Championship and then attacking the attack on AJ Styles. Even an attempt to interview behind the scenes did not succeed. On the surface, Brian is supposed to be a bad guy, but then again, even Brock Lesnar, who was an unthinkable universal champion who appears only when he wants to upset most of the audience.

As was the case of most survival series, heel and heels faces largely faded in the background. There were moments when both Lesnar and Bryan's vicious features appeared, but usually Staples's center audience was behind Brian and against Lesser.

Brian's plan to sweep the leg and try to stick and move worked in the Hebrew stages of the game. Brian even rolled out of the ring and tried to persuade Lessner to lose his temper. He stepped out of the ring and made Brock slide out and chase after him, and so Brian went right into the ring and celebrated. But the bear's bear ended badly. Brock examined Brian's shot and the garment, and from there he reached the races. A dangerous-looking edition released Brian on his head and neck, two areas of concern that preceded Brian's career. The second German Superflex looked not so bad, but the arena was silenced when Lesner confused Bryan all along the ring, apparently not paying attention to the rival's well-being.

There were also hugs of a bear, and dropping over the head into a disoriented belly to mix it up. Lesner threw Brian into the barricade, knocked Brian, stuck a spinal cord, the German rubbed Bryan again, turned another bear hug into a reflex.

Finally, Lesner was seen as an F-5 attempt. He yelled, "Good night everyone," he stamped his final and went down to the pin. The judge counted 1, then 2, but then Lesner lifted Brian by the hair to break the count, then closed Brian back to the ground.

Lesner was absorbed by the crowd, but when he bent to pick up Bryan, Brian finally saw some signs of life. He gave one to Brock when the older man came down. Then a second. A troubled Sencer placed Bryan on another F-5, Brian's legs swaying to Mike's head, and Bryan saw the window.

A small blow followed by Bracha Run brought the crowd out of nowhere-and Brian got two points on Brock before Lennner swung his shoulder back.

Lesner's kicks were followed by stomps on Brock's head and neck. Brian went to another knee, missed, and he brought up Brian for a second. This time Bryan resisted and eluded Lessner's attempt at a clothesline, which caused him to fall off the scene. Brian flew out of the ring just to get Lenner to catch him, but Brian ran off again and sent Busner to the ring. Brian followed her with a flying knee from the apron to the outside, then rolled back into the ring, and a surge of momentum behind him.

However, a suicide diving experience was perceived, and Sinar sent Brian back to the position twice. Larsner seemed to have turned the tide back toward Brian, but when Busner swung the steel steps toward Brian Nota, leaning against the pillar, Brian and Lenner were wounded.

The two battered men exchanged shots from the outside, but when an action spilled back into the ring Brian hit another knee – but Lesner kicked again. Hyman sold her hell from the outside, and the audience could not have been more invested in the game they had seemingly given up a few minutes earlier.

Bryan Capp blocked Larsner's left leg, then wrapped the same foot around the pillar. He went over to his patent, but on the second effort, Lesner grabbed Brian for the F-5 – only his foot came out, and set Brian perfectly for the Yes Lock.

Brock broke the grip, but Brian jolted Busner hard over a cluster of arms and ribs. He returned the "lock" back for a long time, and for a moment it seemed to her that the audience thought they would see an intolerable surrender victory over Lessner. After the bodies moved around, Bryan tried to move to the Triangle, but Lesner chose Brian and poked the other F-5 to win the game.

Occasionally, Lesner and his rival are equally invested in the game. Just as he did against AJ Styles last year in the Survivor series, Lesner's game against Brian showed how well Lesner could still be in the ring with the right opponent. Every champion has the next opponent in the line, but with the crazy smile on Brian's face, and the rare nod of Lesnar's recognition of Brian when the show is out of the air, these two guys will be ready to run this game at some point in the future – and we'll all be better for it.

Ronda Rossi. Charlotte Flair by Disqualification

Charlotte Flair is a lot of things. She is a versatile champion, very talented and arguably her way of being a goulette of women's wrestling.

But crazy and loose cannon?

She is now. Between a bragging, memorable champion, as opposed to playing a champion against Ronda Rossi, Charlotte lost her mind. Totally lost it. Deep into the battle, which Charlotte had the upper hand, she grabbed a kendo stick and destroyed Rosie, over and over again.

The bell rang. Charlotte was disqualified. But she did not care. She closed Rosie with a "natural selection" on the chair. Charlotte then attacked four clerks and put Razie's neck between the chair and stepped on it. Totally cruel. What happened to Charlotte? She attacked her like a few months ago. As Daniel Bryan did on AJ Styles just a few days ago.

Saying it was a surprise to make events in a game that very well can be the main event at any pay-per-view is an understatement. But in many ways it was the right conversation. Charlotte played a more honest player, and since she lost the title, it would have happened to me, but especially with Becky's rise.

Charlotte is gone.

Believe it or not, Rousey, the most talked about operation as it relates to various sports fans in the garden since it announced that it joined WWE almost a year ago, had only a background in the saga of Charlotte on Sunday.

Rousey made a straight line on the Raw ladder, all the way to the championship, which she won last August at SummerSlam. But she had a problem. No one was on raw staff and was at the same level as she is when you make her pedigree and popularity.

But then Charlotte. She is on the blue brand, far from Rosie, but more than anyone else – and that includes Becky – the only woman who can stop Rosie's train.

After all, it was Charlotte, who this year brought an unbeatable Asuka in WrestleMania this year, and finished one of the biggest winning streaks that this business saw.

On Sunday, Charlotte was the aggressor for the first part of the game. She was both decisive and technical-and also released more than a few verbal problems with Rosie.

The raw champion had blood spilled from her mouth and seemed helpless for the first time since he joined the business. It was a snail, and Rosie would lose.

But perhaps Charlotte's greatest enemy was herself. She had gone out to spend time, but Rosie had slipped away from him and started turning the tide. So things got really good. Russian landed on left and rights. Charlotte responded by slapping the fill from Rousey. The audience felt it. The blood had already made its way to Rosie's chest and was scattered across the ring.

Then Charlotte lost her mind.

This story will continue. Generally, disqualification and count-outs leave a bad taste in our mouths. But not in this case. If this is the new Charlotte, we have to take care of her, and Rosie, whenever the next match is, can be even more punishment.

Men's 5 on 5 elimination match: Team Raw (Brown Strauman, Dolph Ziegler, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Bobby Ashley) def. The SmackDown team (Ms., Ray Mysterio, Samoa Josh, Shane McMahon, Jeff Hardy)

If it was not clear by 5 of 5 on 5 elimination match of victory Seth Rollins on Shinsuke Nakamura, the main driving force in the survival series seems to be driving forward some stories about Monday Night Raw, at the expense of SmackDown.

Aside from Ms. repeatedly putting Shane McMahon into the way of damage, which should be some fallout in the next few weeks, Brown's Strawman's conflict with Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and the bulk of the Raw Dressing Room took center stage for 5-on-5 men elimination on Sunday At night. After he did a lot of heavy lifting in the game, investigating the last four assassinations of the Raw team, Strawman was quickly attacked by Corbin as a GM Raw game sought to escape from the attack due to him and the other rang the bell to finish the match.

Still, this is a better fate than Samoa and many others are struggling in a survival series. After Brown Strauman and Drew McIntyre fought to start the game for Raw against Samoa and, Strawman won the fight of wills. McIntyre labeled himself blindly, almost falling directly into the Kokina coupling. He almost locked the clutch for the second time, but after McIntyre rolled, he landed Claymore's kick right on the button, and just a few moments in the game, Samoa was injured and incredibly fast.

The audience immediately caused their feelings to be disrespectful. Rau almost got his second shot when Dolf Ziegler hit a zig zig on Shane McMahon, but Miz ran inside. It begged why no one in the tag group or women's matches did the same thing earlier in the night, and why they did not try to save Samoa too.

Brown was labeled, only for Mac, and Kintier would tag blindly again; This time the two giants swayed, and the resulting chaos came out of Brown to take care of himself. It started with 619 by Mysterio, and ended when McMahon hit a diving elbow drop from the top turn through Struman on the interpretation table.

Blur offered to help Mclntyre stunned, but Drew refused to tag. Blur eventually blindly tagged himself and then kicked Drew in the good face, stitching even more chaos into the Raw team. Blor crushed both Ms. and Hardy Hardy, then went on a fight with Mysterio. After missing 619, Misterio Slingleid ate from Pin Blur, who set him to turn grace. Misterio responded to Blur's finish, but he moved the action to the other side of the ring and shut himself off to eliminate Blur.

Mysterio set Drew McCartier for 619, but Bobby Lashley is blind and tagged, then shaken his mysteries everywhere. In the end, he tagged himself, and Hardy ended up face to face with Ziegler; Hardy hit the twist of fate, but his effort at the Swanton bomb hit Ziegler's knees.

She swamped McMahon, and SmackDown's inspector hit the beach on the beach at Ziegler. With his second pinfall over Ziegler in three weeks, McMahon gave SmackDown the numbers advantage again.

Ashley came in and rubbed Shane everywhere, but after Miz helped tide the tide, Maine got Shane McMahon to jump into the upper rope and try ashore. But this time Strawman came out of nowhere and took McMahon out of the sky.

It was quite simple from that point on. Strawman and Brown suffer to eliminate Jeff Hardy. 619 reacted into another powerlam to knock the misterio. When Ms. and McMahon tried to get organized, Ms. left McMahon to dry again when Strawman picked up SmackDown's head at full speed. Ms. quickly got a knock of Struman's own, and there was both powerlam and pinfall loss waiting for him as well.

McMahon is struck by a hint to Stroman that the giant will bring him, and Stroman responds. A low dragic runner sends McMahon crashing into the corner, and one of the final powerslam gave Struman four straight shots to finish the game. Strawman also has a chance to win the Universal Championship and free Corbin in his future, and the Raw went up 4-0 on pay-per-view (4-1 if you count the kickoff show). Even when SmackDown has picked up the momentum, largely thanks to Becky Lynch, it is difficult to look at this battle and survival series to this point and do not think Raw is still the flagship plan in the eyes of the WWE forces being.

Bali Murphy (c) def. Mustafa Ali

Buddy Murphy is not the best-known superstar, and not just because he's in the cruiserweight division. He did not have a moment to define him until October at the Super Showdown in Australia, when he defeated veteran champion Cedric Alexander. But Murphy has all the tools needed to thrive in this division. It has the appearance, the attitude, the skill within the ring skill. And power.

The truth is, no matter how talented and talented his opponent, Mustafa Ali, has been, the timing just was not right. He was patient waiting for another shot since the fall of Alexander Wrestlemania.

Ali and Murphy had a heated rivalry at the beginning of the year, and for the pleasure of those who love high-octane feuds, it is rekindled.

It did not take more than a minute or two before Ali showed his aerial tactics with 360-over-the-ropes diving on Murphy, but the champion turned the tide almost immediately by pushing me in the middle rope to the barricade, a step that brought a great response from the crowd.

Murphy just went up in flames. He, too, smoothed the rope and landed on Ali, then poked him in the ring. And at one point he skipped over Ali and threw him on the rope like a rag. Both high-risk professions and maneuvers for each game, but the Spanish fly from the table announcing the floor has the audience going again.

After two were back in the ring, Ali was ready to hit his 054 but Murphy got up and eventually pulled his opponent off the ropes and hit his finish Murphy.

I hope, this was the platform Murphy needs to get some more recognition. He deserves it.

Tag Raw Team Champions vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Authors of pain and def. The bar

While there was no header title into the RAW Champion vs. SmackDown Champion Tag, AOP and the Bar are two of the most physical teams on both staff. What was lacking from a narrative perspective was the potential to be made from a point of view within the ring with the added bar cards of Big Show in the corner of the bar and Drake Maverick by the side of the AOP. Unfortunately, the result was useless.

As expected, between two power groups, the pace of adjustment was relatively slow, especially at an early stage. The generic formula of the tag group was used as AOP, which worked as heels, hit the Cesaro, who tried to make the hot tag.

Cesaro eventually came to Sheamus who unleashed a burst of knees and mothers on two AOP members. Seamus grabbed Rezer with a kick, but when he covered it, Maverick intervened and put Reeseer's foot on the bottom rope, breaking the count. When Maverick tried to escape from the crime scene, he was caught by the Big Show, which led to an unusual situation.

When the Big Show wrapped his hand around Maverick's neck, Maverick had already peed. It was enough of a distraction to allow AOP to exploit and grab Sheamus with a combination of a Suplex bomb / power for victory.

The problem with this adjustment was that while the AOP worked as heels, both teams are heels on their respective appearance, and so the audience response when the bar made their comeback remained much to be desired. The end result was a generic match of the group with a strange final sequence.

Now it's over, the two teams can go in a separate way.

Seth Rollins defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in the Survivor Series. Courtesy of

Intercontinental champion vs. United States champion: Seth Rollins def. Shinsuka Nakamura

For all the "first time ever" WWE matches have put on the last few years, many do not really live up to any hype.

It is safe to say that Shinsuke Nakamura and Seth Rollins went out of their way to enlist the trend, putting together a very physical match that lifted even further in the late stages of the game and got the audience shot early in the night.

Under the appropriate circumstances, Nakamura-Rollins could have been a major event at the beginning of this decade within a certain American Legion post about 30 miles north of the center of the pins on the 405 and no one was striking an eye. Although Rawlins eventually went with a win over this night, but in a game with no special sums, he and Nakamura gave fans a taste of rivalry that could easily thrill on Raw or SmackDown in the future.

The action began slowly, as each person felt his opponent and tried to gain a mental advantage over the other. Even before everything started to grow big, Rollins hit Pameser on the apron – only for Nakamura to make the Rollins change directions on a suicide dive attempt and then nail Rollins in the head with a high bow kick.

Nakamura has taken over the early stages of this game, keeping the action in a corner near the ropes as he runs through quite his signing offense. Rollins finally caught Nakamura and tossed it out of his head. From there, Rollins hit a pair of suicide dives, at the audience's request to live, landed a third.

Even when they accepted their request, the audience was a bit tepid to this game at its midpoint. It is apparently inspired by Rollins and Nakamura to take him from a physical point of view. One foot-high for Nakamura drew the attention of the people, but it was a Supercup that Rollins landed as Nakamura slipped in. (Which landed like a flush violently like any kick Rollins ever) that really started to bring the crowd.

Nakamura was able to show off some of his smooth MMA-style filing transitions, and Rollins actually managed to nail her patented superplex into a falcon arrow combination. Nakamura responded in the ground, Rollins hit a knee of thorns, and he was full of steam toward the end.

Rollins missed the frog frog, and Nakamura hit a soft knee on the back of his neck, which brought him the first two counts of competition. They took control of each other, and Nakamura established Kinshasa. Rollins commented on this into a superkick and kick a low kick, just to miss the stomp. Nakamura missed Kinshasa for the second time, Rollins hit the draft and received the win.

It was a bit of a surprise that Dean Ambrose did not interfere either during or after the game, but it did well in the end. Rollins picked up the victory, and although Nakamura still did not have much signature to win the show since winning the United States championship, he once again proved what he was capable of when given the limelight.

Nia was the only survivor of the women's survival series. Courtesy of

WElliman's 5-on-5 gameYou Team Raw: (Mickey James, Nia Gus, טאמינה, Bayley, סאשה בנקס) def. Team SmackDown (אסוקה, כרמלה, נעמי, סוניה דוויל, מנדי רוז)

היתה דרמה גבוהה עוד לפני שהחלה סדרת הניצולים של הנשים. שרלוט פלייר הורחקה מהכיתה של סמאקדאון ביום שלישי שעבר כדי שתוכל למלא את הנעליים עבור בקי לינץ 'הפצועה ולקחת את רונדה רוסי. במקום של שרלוט היתה מנדי רוז. כמעט שדרוג, אבל עדיין אויבת הקרובה הקרובה כפי שהיא תופיע במשחק.

למרות השינויים, SmackDown היה יתרון פיזיולוגי לאחר תקיפה של בקי בראשות Raw כדי לסגור את ההצגה ביום שני. בטח, זה יכול להיות backfired עם פגיעה של בקי, אבל הצוות הכחול הראה שזה הולך להיות התוקפן.

זה לא לקח רק דקה לתוך הקרב לפני שפרצה קטטה. משם, טאמינה מיד חיסלה נעמי שניות לפני כרמלה הוריד את טאמינה ונתן לנו – ניחשתם – הפסקה ריקוד.

ככל שהמשחק נמשך, רוז, ביילי וסוניה דוויל היו כולם רגעים בולטים, אבל כולם בוטלו. אסוקה – הניצולה היחידה בשנה שעברה – נותרה לבדה עבור סמאקדאון, שצולמה על הצמד האדיר של סאשה בנקס וניה ג'קס.

אבל האם לא ידעת, ג'אקס, שקיבלה חום עבה מסיבי לאורך כל המשחק בגלל הפציעה של לינץ' ביום שני, דחפה את חבריה לבנק מעל החבלים העליונים ואסאקה מיד הכריעה אותה במנעול אסוקה.

אבל אסוקה בילה. ג'אקס נכנסה והניעה את יריבתה של סמאקדאון לפני שהצמידה אותה ועמדה בזירה כניצולה היחיד.

בסופו של דבר, זה לא היה כל מפתיע כי Jax עמד גבוה. היא, אחרי הכל, היריב הבא של רוסי לאחר סדרת ההישרדות מסתיימת. קשה לדמיין כל אישה בסגל הגלם, שיש לה מספיק כוח כוכבים שיכול להתאים את רוסי.

זה המקום שבו ג 'ק נכנס. אם לשפוט לפי התגובה היא צברה את העובדה שהיא היתה רק נשים שעזבו את משחק הפתיחה של הישרדות סדרה, זה היה התחלה טובה.

Kickoff להראות: 10-on-10 תגית התאמת צוות: צוות SmackDown (The Usos, יום חדש, סניטי, גארלו ואנדרסון, הקולונים) def. Team Raw (בובי רוד & צ'אד גבלג, התחייה, B-Team, ההתעלות, Lucha House Party)

SmackDown Live הבקיע את הניצחון הראשון של הלילה על הלילה של הישרדות סדרה בעיטת הפתיחה כאשר הם הביסו את צוות RAW ב 10-על-10 תגית התאמת צוות תגובת עם אוסוס כמו ניצולי היחיד. במשחק היו כמה רגעים קשים, אבל כתמים חדשניים לפצות אותו. צ'אד גייבל זרח במספר הזדמנויות, כולל הישג מרשים של כוח כאשר הוא ניצל מריצה סופלקס על ביג E לתוך מפסק צוואר על ידי בובי רוד. המשחק הסתיים בתספורת של ג'ימי אוסו, שכללה מחווה ל"רומן ריינס ", על סקוט דוסון של" התחייה ".

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