Monday , October 3 2022

You can be paid £ 500 to sample test boars in blankets


(Picture: Airtakser)

We all know that pigs in blankets are one of the best things on Christmas Day.

And now I can pay you to eat them.

The Oast House in Manchester is looking for someone to taste and test the delicious sausages wrapped in bacon.

The selected candidate will be paid £ 500 and you can even bring a friend together to help you.

The advertisement was recorded on the Airtasker and all you have to do to apply is to share your best Christmas story.

(Photo: Shutterstock / Slawomir Fajer)

According to the restaurant, "Asking with a story that makes us laugh or cry most will get the chance to join us at a delicious meeting.

But you should be quick – you only have until December 16th to apply.

Mark, Chef and Development at Oast comments: "Pigs in blankets are talking about this Christmas City and are undoubtedly the trending food item of the season.However, the pressure is on ensuring that we serve the finest pigs in Christmas nibbles in town.

"We want to play with ingredients and flavors – and to pinpoint the perfect recipes, we need someone to come and test taste to ensure our guests have the best Christmas nibbles possible! We are looking for festive food to visit the Oast house and give the group and I some feedback Honest, face to face. "

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