Saturday , March 6 2021

Bloomberg: ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Full development did not begin until 2016

In one of the many analyzes apparently of the CD Projekt Red malfunction Cyberpunk 2077, Of Bloomberg Jason Schreier has just published a segment that explored the development of the game. His report does not back up the rumors in the forum about Keanu Reeves, instead the more ongoing issue of unrealistic development schedules and disregard for the terminal’s hardware limitations.

As the article explains, even though it was announced in 2012, the company is still focused The Wizard 3 And “full development” did not begin until 2016 when CD Projekt Red “clicked the reset button”. The impressive demo of the E3 2018 game is described as “almost completely fake”. Despite the leadership’s commitment that there is no need for distress, the developers still felt pressure to work long hours, and when the release date was announced in spring 2020, they began to gamble on when it would be delayed.

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