Friday , February 21 2020
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British comedian Ian Cognito died during a play


The British comedian Ian Cogniato, 60, died onstage at his stand-up comedy show at Bar Itzic in Beecher, an English town north of Oxford.

Known to be lively, a veteran Comito, his real name is Paul Barbiri, appeared onstage, when halfway down he felt sick. He sat down on a stool and began breathing heavily. The audience thought it was part of his set because it did not seem unusual. However, they realized that something was wrong when his friends and comedians ran to the stage to help him. One of the audience members said that Cognito joked about a stroke just before he sat down.

Andrew Byrd, the host of the evening show, told the BBC that Cognito felt sick before he got on stage, but he seemed to be better off when he started.

Bar owner Atic Ryan Mold said that dying on the stage is the way Cogniotto wanted to go to add "but he wants more money and a bigger place."

Since his death, his other comedians like Jimmy Carr from the British comedy show Eight out of ten cats Paid him a tribute to Twitter. "I'll never forget his generosity when I started and how funny it was," Carr said.

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