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Common myths are popular about counting calories


Развенчаны популярные мифы о подсчете калорий

Important Information.

Most people mistakenly believe that in order to get rid of extra pounds, you need to reduce your caloric intake. But smaller is not always better, reports with reference to

The energy content of the food is measured in calories. Typically, this figure indicated the label or packaging of food products.

Calorie is a unit of energy, work and heat. This number represents the amount of energy needed to heat one gram of water by 1 ° C under pressure of one atmosphere (one calorie = 4.18 Joule). Calories reflects the energetic content of the food that is needed by the body for maintaining proper functioning of the body.

For those who want to lose weight, nutritionists recommend counting calories for a long period of time. However, losing weight is not just about counting calories. Consider common myths that need debunk.

The first myth: Less, better

Of course, if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. But there is "but". If you want to get rid of extra pounds in a healthy way, you should reduce your diet by 300-500 calories per day. It is worth noting that one should eat should not last long, otherwise your body can enter a "starvation state".

This means that the body will reduce the cost of energy and use every maximum calorie you can get. Once you return to your regular diet you will gain weight. Will have a boomerang effect.

Each diet should provide an adequate amount of energy for an active lifestyle and sport.

The second myth: All calories are the same

Many people believe they can eat whatever they want if they do not disrupt their daily calorie intake. However, not all calories are the same. Macro – and micronutrients in food are as important as the amount of calories consumed. Different foods have different effects on our body, and not always positive. In addition, they affect our hormones.

Of course, you can eat one junk food rather than gain weight, observing the intake of calories. Will you be healthy? No! High blood cholesterol level, you will have an increased risk of developing diabetes of the second type, except you will feel lethargic and weak all the time. While a balanced diet will supply the body with all the essential nutrients: complex carbohydrates, protein and essential fatty acids.

Myth Three: It is important when you consume calories

Your body anyway, if you consume calories at noon or at six o'clock. All he responds to is that they are complex. Because in the evening we usually prefer to relax, our body does not require a large amount of energy.

However, if you want to get rid of extra pounds, eat dinner for light meals. In addition, in the evening, try to avoid foods containing sugar as it promotes fat deposition.

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