Wednesday , February 24 2021

Deepika and Ranveer Wedding Photographer reveals why the couple is special

The last week was full of hectic excitement, as Ranveer Singh and Divika Padukone tied the knot to beautiful Lake Como, Italy.

After a quiet wedding in Conakane in Villa del Ballyanello on November 14, Renoir and Deepika decided to kick her with a band, Baja, Barat for their wedding at Sindai on November 15.

There were special security arrangements to ensure that photographs of the wedding functions were not taken.

The couple worked hard to ensure that photographers and gossip cars could not get anywhere near. There were security guards on boats patrolling the area and chasing any form of paparazzi.

Much to the benefit of their fans, Ranauer and Deepika shared photos of their wedding on their Instagram accounts, which went viral in seconds.

The official photographer of the wedding, Mark Severop wrote an emotional post about Instagram and said, "Being an official photographer at the wedding of DP and RS repeated that I do the work I do. True love will win them all, I wish them all the joy of the world."

The photographer Ericus Andrew, who was clicking on the pictures Ranvier and Deepika shared in Instagram, was also an emotional partner.

For the wedding of Renoir and Sefahi of Deepika, a priest from Amritsar flew to the ceremony. Makor told the daily: "An improvised Gruduwara was set up inside, and a priest was flown from Amritsar to the ceremony that began in the morning and continued until the afternoon."

According to a report in the leading daily, the lavish wedding follows an elaborate lunch with many Sindhi delicacies such as Dale Pekuan, Cookie and Barfi.

Ranveer and Deepika are expected to return on November 18. They throw two large receptions, one on November 21 in Bengaluru for family and friends, and another on November 28 for Bollywood Brotherhood.

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