Thursday , October 28 2021

Gordon Hayward responds to Charis with an insulting heart: "Be stronger at the end" Bleacher report


Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward, left, brings the ball in the yard in front of the Portland Trail Blazers Center in Nurkic Yusuf during the second half of the NBA basketball game in Portland, Ora, Sunday, 11 November 2018. Trail Blazer won 100-94. (AP Photo / Craig Mitchelldyer)

Craig Mitchell / Associated Press

Thirteen months ago, Gordon Hayward suffered an injury with catastrophic legs that forever changed his career. On Monday night, Charis Levo seemed to have suffered the same fate.

While a future examination proved that Lebert's injury was not as serious as she had feared at first, Hayward on Tuesday offered his support.

"The best wishes and prayers to @CarisLeVert for a quick recovery! The journey back is difficult, but you will be strong in the end, please lend a hand if you need something!" Hayward He squeaked.

Levart was diagnosed with a Sub-sprain of the right leg, which will not require surgery. The networks said They expect him to return at some point during the regular season.

"Fortunately, tests performed this morning revealed that there is no fracture and only moderate damage to the ligament," said Dr. Martin O Malley. "While the optics of this injury may have seemed more severe, surgery would not be required, Charis would begin a rehabilitation period with the implementation team Of Nets, after which he is expected to return at full strength and resume all basketball activities without any season restrictions. "

Hayward suffered is broken tibia And ankle sprained In a surprise season of Celtics a year ago and missed the rest of the regular season. He struggled back to the lineup and looked much different from the All-Star he had signed in Boston.

"I know firsthand how it is, if he wants to reach out, he knows how to catch me," Hayward said said.

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