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How Democrats gave Donald Trump another route for a second term


Still, in the past two weeks, the Democrats have given Trump two themes on a gold platter – and it's clear he's catching them. Big.

1) In New York, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law the Fertility Health Act, which, among other things, takes the word "abortion" out of the country's criminal code, assuring that doctors and clinics that provide abortion can not be loaded and coded that abortions can be performed after 24 weeks if the fetus is not viable or health The mother is at serious risk. The Conservative critics – in New York and elsewhere – painted the law half way, and as I was actually going to discriminate not only in the third trimester, but until birth.

Just as happened, Virginia Ralph Ralph North, D (D) went to a local radio station and tried to explain his support for legislation that would free current restrictions on long-term abortion of the CIS.

Here's how the said bulb (and yes, it came before a picture of it – or not – in blackface or kkk robes went viral):

"[Third trimester abortions are] Done in cases where there may be severe distortions. Passing may be inevitable. So in this particular example, if Mom is at work, I can tell you exactly what will happen. The baby will be delivered. The baby will remain comfortable. The baby will be resuscitated if that's what the family and mother wanted. Then there will be a discussion between the doctors and the mother. "

The Republicans reacted immediately, insisting that Northam sounded like he was preaching infant murder. A neurologist, a pediatric neurologist, insisted that what he describes is only in cases of unhealthy pregnancies or "serious fetal anomalies," but the damage is done.

"It's going to pick up all the pro-life traffic as maybe it has never been removed before," Trump said in a daily interview. "The movement to life in Peru is very 50-50, it is a very 50-50 problem, in fact it has gained a point or two over the years. I think it will greatly lift the topic that people have never thought of it in these terms."
Trump is not mistaken. While polls show considerable support for the majority on abortion legal laws, people are much more divided when it comes to long-term abortions. Only 13 percent said the abortion should be legal in the third trimester in Gallup's survey in 2018, while 60 percent sought legal treatment in the first three months of pregnancy in the same survey.
2) Last week, Liberal Democrats at the Congress – led by New York City's Rafael Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Sen. Eddie Markey – introduced a lot of talk about the "Green New Deal" – a package of legislation designed to meet the economic and environmental consequences of climate change. According to CNN Lydia Daflis, "Green Deal New" states:

"10-year economic mobilization" that will put an end to the use of fossil fuels and the renovation of the national infrastructure, while building entire new layers for the existing social safety net … The 14-page decision transfers over 100% renewable and zero energy sources, High-paid news that will help eradicate poverty. "

While Dapelis notes that Ocasio-Cortez and the other sponsors of the "green deal" are opposed to raising any total cost to their program, one assessment of a similar program by the conservative US Action Forum claims $ 1 trillion in additional regulatory burdens – All new investments.
All you have to do is read the transcript of Trump's speech in El Paso, Texas, on Monday night – committed as the first campaign speech of his 2020 race since the 2018 election – to understand how Trump Chance thinks he is by Democrats on these two issues. Luckily, I read the Trump transcript – so you do not have to!

Trump, over and over, was shocked by the "green new deal."

"I really do not like their policies to take your car, take your plane flights, of, let's jump a train to California, 's … you are not allowed to hold more cows, he said.

And, "They want to take your car, reduce the value of your home, put millions of Americans out of work, invest 100 trillion dollars, which, by the way, there is no such thing as 100 trillion. You have to spend $ 100 and remember that, Otherwise, except for us who do it, this is also a small problem. "

He also went after the Democrats on abortion.

Democrats are in favor of "allowing children to be torn from their mother's womb until the moment of birth," Trump said at one point. Referring to their particular bulb, Trump said: "The governor declared that he even allowed the newborn baby to go out into the world and wrap the baby and make the baby rest, and then talk to the mother and talk to the father, and then carry the baby.

Just in case you missed this point, Trump drove her home this way: "They become a party of socialism, late abortion, open borders and crime."

Here's the thing: this line, if it keeps it, can be very, very effective, politically. Obviously, this simplifies the "Green Deal New" excessively and what the Democrats said and did for abortion. (The Washington Post fact sheet says Trump "incorrectly represents the new green deal as the plan is currently being written").

But politics is often won by the simple argument or summary that is easier to remember.

I can imagine the Democratic candidate eventually trying to explain that the "new green deal" represents radical – and importantly – rethinking our energy consumption habits and what they mean for the long term health of the planet.

And Trump replies, "How do I get you to Hawaii? (A line he used to stick to Senator Mirono in his Monday speech).

And the crowd of argument bursts into laughter.

For those of you – and I know you are there – who react to this hypothetical scenario by yelling "It's your job to check it out," I would remind you of the 2016 campaign. And how, for a lot of people who voted for him, the fact that he lied clearly, over and over again, did not matter at all. In fact, the idea that testers media facts often said Trump did not deal with facts actually made some decent piece of people More May vote for him.

Why? That Trump effectively portrayed Hillary Clinton, the media and anyone who did not support him as an unrelated elitist. Like "the other" – people who thought they had the right to tell the average person how to live their lives, even if those people had no idea how average people lived.

Sound familiar? It should. That the exact strategy is what Trump is putting in place right now. He paints a picture of democrats as socialist murderers. Or in the words of Elli Singer of "Ani Hall:" "You do not see, the rest of the country looks at New York as we are leftists, communists, Jews, pornographic homosexuals."

At the root of this strategy is the concession: Trump knows he can not win if the 2020 election is any kind of referendum on him. Most Americans just do not like him or think he's doing a good job. The only way for him to win is to draw his democratic opponent in the end not only out of deep connection with the average American but also more willing to install a value system that makes the US look much like less salty parts of Europe.

cynical? Unnamed: Thankfully. But also Trump the most plausible way of a second term. And one that the Democrats are helping and helping without realizing it right now.

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