Tuesday , May 11 2021

Jolly Smollett Case & amp; A disgrace to our nation – a variety

During the campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Saturday night, Donald Trump called Gusie Smollett "a third actress," whose famous case was "a disgrace to our nation."

"I did not hear that term until the third class player in Chicago came out and said I was beaten by the MAG in the country, do you believe?"

"It turned out to be a total lie," he added.

Trump spoke at the White House dinner in Washington, an event he had skipped over the past two years.

Samwellt was indicted on 16 counts for falsely claiming he was a victim of a racist and homophobic attack, in which he claimed that the attackers shouted "This is a land of the Magen David Adom."

The Chicago State Attorney's Office dropped all charges against the actor to the surprise of city police chiefs and the mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who called it "an abomination of justice."

On Wednesday, the stars of Smulet's "Empire" symposium, Terence Howard and Tragens Hansson, signed a letter defending the honorable player along with other leading team members: "He is innocent … he is honest, Write. Read the full letter Here.

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