Thursday , October 21 2021

Kellyanne Conway on the Sea of ​​Acosta Video: sped up, not a doctorate


White House consultant Clint Conway stressed yesterday the claims that a video released by the White House was passed to reinforce claims by the Trump administration that CNN correspondent Acosta had been aggressive towards the intern Who admitted that the video had been "distributed". Interview in Fox, Conway insisted that the video being "sped" did not mean it was "different." "Well it has not changed," she told host Chris Wallace. "It's forced, they do it all the time in sports to see if there's really down or down touch," she said. The video, which was published by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to justify the administration's decision to withdraw access to the Acosta White House, was made by Informor News. In this photograph, what appeared in the original photographs of Acosta's arm accidentally, unlike that of the intern at the White House, when she tried to take a microphone from him, became like an aggressive push. The White House claimed that Acosta "laid his hands on" the young intern, blamed by Conway on Sunday. "As a woman who put her hands on me, she thinks they have a right to enter my personal space … I do not like him pulling the microphone back and doing it on her arm, it looks almost like karate." she said.

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