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Ohio State vs Michigan State Results: Buckeyes' leading teams win NCAA football


It was not a referendum on Ohio State's second quarterback Dwayne Haskins expected, but Saturday 26-6 victory of the State of Michigan nevertheless kept the Buckeyes alive in college football playoffs hunt.

Haskins threw for 227 yards and touchdown, but he never seemed to be completely in control against one of the nation's better secondaries. However, his ability to avoid expensive cycles allowed Dora and Chrisman to pin the Spartans in 20 by six times, with many of these kicks being downed near the goal line.

The game punting twice led to Ohio State points. After backing the Spartans in their fifth in the third quarter, the state of Michigan chose to take safety instead of risking a fourth kick blocked. On a later trip, the Spartans groped the duo inside their finish zone, which Buckeyes recovered for an important touch.

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Ohio is currently on a collision course with Michigan, which it will play on November 24. This competition will determine the Big Ten team that will win the playoffs.

Ohio State vs. Michigan State: Score, Result, Highlights

(All times ET)

Final: State of Ohio 26, State of Michigan 6

3:37: This one is officially over. The Ohio State dominated the second half on the way to a 6-26 victory.

3:31: Touch. Ohio State finishes it with a rushing score. The Buckeyes are 26-6.

3:22: It looks. Lewerke throws the interception, giving the Buckeyes the ball with about five minutes.

3:17: The Buckeyes grope just as it seems they were on the verge of another touchdown. Let's see if the state of Michigan can take advantage.

3:03: The goal of Ohio State Field gives Meyer's urban class an advantage 19-6.

3 pm. The state of Michigan is losing more.

02:55: Touch. Michigan State snaps the ball into the receiver in a movement in its finish zone, and the state of Ohio jumps on the football for the score. The Bucky players are now 16 – 6.

Third Quarter: Ohio State 9, State of Michigan 6

02:47: End of the third quarter.

2:44: Unnamed: Um, what? The Michigan State just took voluntary safety instead of punting out its finish area. I'd never seen it before.

2:28 pm: Field goal. The state of Michigan cuts off its deficit, although the Spartans could take the lead if their pitch was not taken in punishment. Ohio State rose 7-6.

2:22: Wow. The Michigan State has a touchdown wiped off the board for DuField an unfit receiver.

2:21: Finally a great game for Spartans! 47-yards run they have business.

02:07: Michigan State forces stop to start in the second half, but the Spartans are now backed deep in their territory.

Second Quarter: Ohio State 7, Michigan State 3

1:35: State of Michigan Matt Coughlin Nails 44-yard field goal with 30 seconds to go in half. After nearly two-quarters of the football-free polls, both teams now on the board.

1:14 PM: It took them long enough. Dwayne Haskins breaks the tie-free tie with a 1-yard touchdown to move to Paris and Campbell with 1:29 remaining in half. It's 7-0, Ohio State.

12:51: Not good! The state of Michigan can not convert an area of ​​51 meters. It remained hopeless.

First Quarter: Ohio State 0, Michigan State 0

12:48: The end of the first quarter.

12:44: The state of Michigan is entering the state of Ohio! Can the Spartans get the first score of the game?

12:43: There were six penalties and only three first declines between these teams.

12:34: We are halfway through the first quarter, and it continues to be a defensive battle. Neither team was able to move the ball around.

12:22: A terrible boost by Ohio State means the Spartans will start their second ownership near the links.

12:16: Now the state of Michigan will shoot. It was a positive start to Ohio State's defense.

12:10: The Spartans go about it at 4 and 1 in their area, and they barely get it. The Buckeyes thought they had stopped.

12:07: kick. Michigan gets the first ball.

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