Monday , October 3 2022

Players of losses of victory ends in a complete defeat by accident to Denver Broncos – Daily News


Carson-the moment he left his hand Phillip Rivers knew he had made a mistake.

It was the third down, and the charges grabbed a two-point lead with less than two minutes remaining. The first one downstairs would seal it, but without a break, even a sack would melt the clock away. When the rivers came into the huddle, about twenty feet apart, the quarterback reminded himself to take a sack if all else failed.

But like most programs of chargers on Sunday, this too went unexpectedly. When Ravers looked for the screen to go to his right, returning his arm to throw, von Miller floated into his field of vision. His arm was still moving forward, Rivers trying to pull back in the last second, but the ball kept moving. The shot dropped from his grip and disintegrated in confusion. Soon, the charges would crumble with him.

All afternoon they pointed to the struggling broncos, rising by 154 meters, throwing them on the third hill and cutting them while holding. In short bursts, the charges were seen as any part of the AFC's competitor – their quick offense, which obliterates the field, their defensive flexibility, but does not release. But this front fell in the fourth quarter, as the chargers dealt a 23-22 defeat division which in the end will be given credit.

"We controlled the game," said Kenan Allen. "Cyclicality, we gave them a few points and that's what happened, they suck."

The first part, at least, is true. Until this final possession, the charges were in full control, with countless paths to victory. But a meeting of missteps and miscues was so erased, as Broncos foul that struggling only to move the ball traveled 75 meters in less than two minutes, before their comeback cap and a punch with 34-yard kick wins a kick.

Then, frustrated Rivers declared that the game was "going to be a hit". Instead, the cargoes eventually throw the game away on their final possession, waving goodbye to the streak to win their six games.

"When you make some mistakes that we made today at critical moments, you open yourself to gain forever," Rivers said. "That's what happened today, we had every opportunity to close it."

However, more often, however, these opportunities were wasted during the performance of sloppy cargo. A high punishment penalty is 14 for 120 meters and is jammed at the worst possible drives. A fake hat summoned the defense for the second consecutive week, which leads to touch. Transition moves that were repeated by the return of Gai and Busa failed to create any pressure when he needed her most. Another missed point, this one by a perfect kick past Michael Badgley, has proved costly. Even Rivers, who surpassed the 400 yards that passed only the second time this season, threw two unexplained picks.

But it was not just one obvious mistake that stole the Sunday game from the charges. Instead, it was a whirling, stinking mess of them, all of which chargers might have already overcame, anyway, if they did even one more game.

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"We could overcome the penalties," Rivers said. "We were able to overcome the mistakes, we were, if we just finished the game right away, but no, let it get together."

And in the end, it broke them.

By the end of the third quarter, the cargo seemed ready to break through and route the Bronx at any moment. They kept knocking on the door again, a third down, to the Bronco yard line.

For most of the game, Rivers was unstoppable on the third down, completing each of his first eight down 175 attempts for popping eye popping. When he hit the ball he looked right and saw Travis Benjamin open on a screen.

But also Miller. Sniffing the track, the bowl Pro Pass rusher snagged Rivers pass from the air and take it 42 feet in the other direction. Three plays later, Broncos ran back and Royce Freeman ran in contact to cut the lead to five. Within a few minutes, the momentum in the game that lasted for a long time seemed quite determined on his head.

"You know you have to win the game," said Chargers running back from Melvin Gordon. "You had chances of putting the game away, and then you came short by making mistakes and penalties, shooting yourself on foot."

These errors could haunt the charges for a while, considering the opportunity they had to earn on the staffs in the AFC West charts. Now, if the chips beat the Rams on Monday night, Kansas City will hold a decisive lead in the two-game division going into the final stretch.

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