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Pokemon Let 's Go Review Attack of the Panboy


I amf You've never played Pokemon before, or Pokemon Let's go to Pikachu or let's go Eevee is a good place to start. If you've played previous games in the series, besides the latest mobile sensation, you're probably going to be disappointed. Let's go is a game that tries to attract the nostalgia that there are fans from the Yellow Pokemon, by offering them the most refined and simple version of Pokemon they can imagine. It looks like the perfect game to play with your child to show them Pokemon for the first time. What it is not is a Pokemon game that will give competitive players or players looking for a semblance of challenge and a compelling real reason to sink time into the game other than grab a glimpse of what might be the future for the franchise.

How Much You Will Enjoy Let's be expected to be related to your age and familiarity with the series

The wild success of Pokemon Go has of course prompted this version. It's not a huge secret that Pokemon Let's Go is a game for newcomers franchise. What seems to be the goal here is to introduce these new Pokemon that jumped into the game in 2016 and show them what they should expect from the game console version. For people who hold the classic gameboy dearly, they are going to get some things. First, there is the fuss of nostalgia when you come to find that it is almost exactly the same game which was released so years ago. HD visual upgrades look great on the switch, but everything from map layout to NPC characters have not changed. The visuals are lush and vibrant, and this perfect example of a Pokemon game can look like a Nintendo switch. It's not really up to the level of breath of a wild Odyssey or Super Mario, but it's probably the best Pokemon game ever made.


This nostalgia is going to hit you like a ton of bricks, but likely going to fade away when you come to realize that there is a lot missing from this Pokemon experience. Where many game developers strive to make things both accessible and deep to appeal to different types of players, Pokemon let's just go for the former. Accessibility and casting the largest possible network seems to be the main goal here, and in the process, it feels like it's actually alienating the fans of the series.

Let's go give us a glimpse of what a "real Pokemon game" will look like on a switch

Wild fights were usually gone. Replacing it is what can best be described as brushing the Horning Pokemon for a portable system into a Nintendo switch. It actually works better than was expected due to the movement controls on the switch. There are actually quite a few ways to play Pokemon Let's go. You can play it in handheld mode, allowing you to play with undocked switch and you have to catch Pokemon using the face buttons on the controls attached to the joy. You can play in handheld mode with joy-free downsides connected to the screen, using motion controls to mimic motion and throw when you want to grab Pokemon. Or you can play in a docked mode, where you use one side of Joy-Con to mimic the action to throw and grab Pokemon. This core core feature is very fun at the beginning of your time with the game, but quickly becomes tiring as there is very little variety and what needs to be done here. Throw some berries to your odds and then try to get the ball to push into a shrinking circle. Not complicated things. There are some changing light grades that boost your XP earned by making an excellent throws or catching duplicate of the same Pokemon, but this main mechanic is quite honest.


There is also another way to play Pokemon Let's go. You can purchase an actual Pocket Ball that acts as a controller for the game, called Poke Ball Plus. This extra $ 50 on the game has no real functionality that matters in Let's go besides immersing the player just a little more. Instead of using a motion throw with Joy-Con this little plug-in allows fake players to throw the ball in place. On the size of a golf ball, the Poke ball allows players to play all aspects of the game from exploring the world to catch Pokemon in the fight against other coaches. There is also other functionality. You can also choose to put Pokemon in a push ball and take them for a walk. A small feature, but feature anyway. It also contains Mike Pokemon Mew, so it actually payswalls one of the Pokemon characters behind the accessory plug-in.

Traffic controls capture the system growing old after a while

Most Pokemon Let's go based around capturing Pokemon and the Ball Poke throwing mini game. Leveling itself has been simple to leveling your entire party of Pokemon every time you catch a new one, these creatures populate a lot of scenery. You will see them in different varieties and species running around each area. See the one you want to catch, just run towards it and continue to start the mini-game catch. See one you want to avoid continuing on an integrated catch, then just escape from it. This in itself is a great shift away from things like bar fights which basically forced you to fight in turn based combat to catch Pokemon in the past. There is no real challenge to catching Pokemon in Let's Go, it's probably meant to be as easy as possible, and that the mechanic starts wearing her welcome after a while.


What needs to pick up the spacing, but no, that's what feels like a simplified and simpler system based on turns. Depending on the version of Let's Go you choose, you will actually get the only Pokemon you need to make it through the game. Both Pikachu and Eevee can learn special moves that make any other Pokemon seem weak in comparison. They can not develop, instead you just have to decide which set of moves you want to apply to that character. Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Battle, there is a very small challenge in this aspect of the game, if only because of the lack of strategy required in managing your party. There are no consequences for any action you take Pokemon Let's go. Want to develop your Pokemon to the highest level? Just feed them a stone evolution. Want power at a certain level Pokemon? Just feed them an endless supply of sweets. Or, you can simply jump into a meeting session with your Pokemon, touching them with traffic controls or feeding them items to enhance their abilities. I admit, cute as it is almost a Pikachu pet and see it coo in your hands, trade-off for mechanics that just seems like a potential waste.

Game Freak has made a small attempt to add appealing features for long time fans

All of this simplicity is of course above the mobile version experiment of the game. However, it just did not seem to be the game that replacement owners hoped it would be. It's really unclear why the game Freak can not try to serve everyone with Pokemon Let's go. By adding some significant content to the end of the game, wild fights, reproduction, a bigger line of Pokemon, or any number of features from previous games they could hold players invested for a longer time. Pokemon Let's Go is really an interesting example of gaming accessibility in 2018. Pokemon Let's Go is a game that was supposedly designed for children. But was not Pokemon always a game for children? Are children becoming less intelligent? Does a freak game believe that in order to be accessible you actually have to take off something from the game that is ineffective or raises player interpretation? If this is the case, it is not clear if this methodology will carry this major Pokemon mainline game that will go down the line. It is certainly possible that cash is king, and the money made Pokemon GO on the mobile may have ruined this series forever.


Pokemon Let's go take some core assumptions of the Pokemon series and distill it into a Pokemon-Lite experience. While this methodology may be fine for the mobile game that the target audience is much wider, who choose to go a little deeper into the games and buy a dedicated console that expects a little more. Let's go incredibly shallow in comparison to almost every Pokemon game, despite an attractive presentation that returns players to a popular place.



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