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PS4's Best Deals (Cyber ​​Monday): $ 35 Falling 76, $ 17 God War, $ 40 PS Plus, $ 200 PSVR, and more


Black Friday 2018 is gone but not forgotten, as the vast majority of deals on PS4 consoles, games, and accessories are still available to take advantage of, and Cyber ​​Monday deals are grow to replace them. We've already done all these deals, retailers such as GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy and Target have spread out, but this gallery is designed to bring together what we think are the best of these deals in one place, making it easier for you to choose what you want and get it.

If you are keen to start shopping, PSN Black Friday sale is an animal, and the Spiderman PS4 bundle that will be on sale for any apparent place is discounted to $ 200 in many cases. We thought that the Fallout 76 was not going to be for sale, and it would not be a surprise considering that it was just released, but it turns out it would go for $ 35.

The PlayStation has seen a more acclaimed Triple A console exclusively this year than Xbox, and many of them are selling it on Black Friday. This includes games released earlier this year – like Detroit: being a God God of War – as well as newer titles. As last year, the PS4 Slim is also being sold at a discount, but surprisingly there are fewer deals for the more powerful PS4.

This Cyber ​​Monday, third-party titles are also on sale, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Assedin's Creed Odyssey. PSVR is also getting off, and with the latest release of Tetris effect the upcoming addition of Beat Saber to the game's system library, there has never been such a good time to invest in headphones.

Specific pricing on certain transactions may vary depending on where you choose to shop this year. We recorded all the discounted prices for each product in each store so you can get backup plans. We will update the gallery if better deals are available.

Best Cyber ​​Monday / Friday Black Deals

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