Friday , May 24 2019
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R / watchpeopledie banned following the New Zealand mosque massacre


R / watchpeopledie, the infamous subreddit that hosted videos of people dying coarse. The ban follows the re-hosted video of the mosque of the last mosque in New Zealand. According to the new landing page, subreddit has been banned from violating the Reddit content policy on glorifying or encouraging violence.

A Reddit spokesman provided this statement: "We are very clear on our site that the Terms of Service that posting content incites or praises violence will get users and communities banned from Reddit.Not included sub-scripts that fail to comply with the rules on this site."

A source in the company agreed with this assessment, confirming that when communities are encouraged to publish the shooter's manifesto or video, they will be banned. "RADIT's approach is very contextual, you know, it depends on the nature of the conversation around such issues," they said. "Now, we were very clear from the beginning that the manifesto, video – these were not allowed to be published on Reddit, and these are removed throughout the site, but these communities do not follow these rules and are actually referring to the cloak of violence or the celebration of violence." "This is when the hammer and the ban goes down."

The new ban is consistent with Reddit's latest change in its content policy, making the site's streamlining guidelines much more explicit. Once it was about anything illegal was allowed on the site, and now, this is not the case. However, the subreddit has been active since 2012, and it has been closed – Reddit's way of describing communities that have been explicitly hidden from the public – before the site's content policy has changed.

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