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The Guardians Of The Galaxy 3: James Gunn Back As Administrator


By Terry Schwartz

James Gunn has been returned as the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 following a Twitter scandal resurfaced last summer, reports the target. Gunn is also tapped directly to Warner Bros. Of Squad Suicide 2. The IGN can confirm the accuracy of the reporting of the Deadline.

According to the deadline, the decision to re-enlist Gunn was in fact "made and actually made months ago, following conversations with the Disney studio leadership and staff at Marvel Studios." The site says that the decision to reverse Gunn's shooting came after Horn and Gunn met "on many occasions to discuss the situation, which was convinced by Gan's public apology and his handling of the situation after, Horn decided to turn the course and return Gan."

The deadline reports that production will start on the Guardian of the Vol Vol. 3 After Gunn completes his work on Squicide Squad 2. After shooting his from the Galactic Guard Vol. 3, Gun reported on the board to write and direct Suicide Squad 2, which will not be used as a direct sequel to the film David Air but instead of a novelty with new characters and cast members. Recently, as on March 6, reports came that Idris Alba is talking to join the upcoming DC title.

Gunn was originally peter by Disney on July 20 following a revival of controversial tweets he made on such issues as pedophilia rape mainly in 2008 and 2009. At the time, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horne issued a statement that said attack positions and statements were discovered on The update of Twitter is unbeatable and consistent with the values ​​of our studio, and we have cut off our business relationship with him.

The Guardians of the Galaxy. The production of 3, which was scheduled to begin in the autumn of 2018, was stopped following Gunn's shooting, and the replacement manager was not found. Interestingly, despite the contrary reports, Marvel "never met with or considered any other director" for the film, despite repeated speculation that both Taika Waititi and Adam McKay were direct strangers. Kevin Paige revealed in February that Gunn's script would still be used for Vol. 3.

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