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The shooting of a "hero" guard by an angry policeman protesters; Mother wants justice

The mother of a security guard who was shot to death by a policeman outside a suburban pub said she did not know if policemen had mistaken the son of a gunman involved in shooting in the well.

"I do not know whether it was a mistake or not," Beatrice Roberson said in a brief interview on Tuesday, two days after her son, Mel Roberson, was killed.

But she added: "I want to see justice."

The incident developed after shooting hit four people in the Taverna in the blue room of Manny Robbins early Sunday morning. A Midotian police officer, who arrived to provide assistance to the local police, turned his weapon over Roberson, an armed security guard who jumped into action in response to gunfire within the moments earlier, the authorities said.

Roverson, a 26-year-old graduate of Lane University, lived on the West End Square. He was black.

The officer who shot him was white, Medellutian police chief Dan Delaini said in a statement released Tuesday. The statement did not include the name of the officer or other details. The officer was taken on administrative leave, confirmed by a police official on Tuesday.

Eric Russell with the Tree of Life Illinois Justice League, leads a demonstration outside Midlothian Police Tuesday to protest the shooting of Jemel Roberson on Sunday. | Leslie Adkins / The Sun Times

Eric Russell with the Tree of Life Illinois Justice League, leads a demonstration outside Midlothian Police Tuesday to protest the shooting of Jemel Roberson on Sunday. | Leslie Adkins / The Sun Times

The lack of detailed information about the event, which attracted national attention, drew criticism from the department. Two dozen protesters marched outside the Midlothian police on Tuesday afternoon demanding "justice for Jules."

"He's a hero to us, we're absolutely outraged about his execution," said Eric Russell. "It's reminiscent of Jason Van Dyke, how come cops react from a neighboring community getting off the car with burning guns?"

"He did his job, he did the right thing, he saved people's lives, and they just blew him up," said Nathon resident Robbins.

A meeting of the Robbins Town Council was canceled on Tuesday night, when not enough loyalists were discovered.

Mayor Robbins Tyrone Ward said that Manny's blue room was temporarily closed because of the investigation, although he noted that the village had no serious problems with the bar in the past.

"Sometimes there were quarrels and fights, just like any other bar or club," Ward said.

He lamented the involvement of the outside officer.

"I wish it was one of our friends [from the Robbins Police Department] Who have gone through this situation because maybe they knew the security well, "Ward said.


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The Cook County Sheriff's Office examines the initial shooting. At least one of the injured is considered a shooter and remained in custody Tuesday, spokeswoman Sophia Ansari said.

The researchers are still trying to obtain video evidence. Two security cameras appeared outside the club, although the sheriff's office refused to comment on the internal surveillance.

The Illinois State Police are investigating the use of force by the officer. Roverson had a valid FOID card but did not have a license to carry it hidden, the authorities said.

The Cook County medical examiner's office concluded that Roberson had died of multiple gunshot wounds and had decided to kill him.

Roberson's mother filed a lawsuit for manslaughter on the grounds of excessive force, and her lawyer, Greg Colis, said the security guard was dressed in black and wore a hat during the shooting that said "security".

<img data-attachment-id = "1498975" data-permalink = " "" data-orig-file = "" data-orig-size = "1024,799" data-comments-open = "0" image "image": "This image is provided by Avontea Boose showing her baby Tristan Robson, his father." "image-image-meta =" " The child's Mel Roberson. A police officer shot to death at Mal Roverson, an armed security guard wearing a hat with "security " imprinted on the front and holding a man down following a shooting in a suburban Chicago bar where the guard worked, a family said Monday, November 12, 2018, . ("0", "iso": "0", "shutter_speed": "0", "title": "Illinois police shooting", "orientation": "1" Illinois "data-image-description ="

This picture is provided by Avontea Boose showing her baby Tristan Roberson and the father of the boy from Roberson. A police officer shot to death at Mal Roberson, an armed security guard who wore a hat with "security" surrounded by a front and held a man down following a shooting inside a suburban Chicago bar where the guard worked, a lawyer told the guard family Monday, November 12, 2018, Federal. (Avontea Boose via AP)

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Mel Roberson and his son Tristan Robson. | Avontea Boose via AP

"He's a guard."

When the police arrived, Roberson held "someone on the ground with his knee in his back, with his gun in his back," Adam Harris told WGN-TV.

"Everyone yells, 'He's a security guard,'" Harris said.

Another security guard at the bar said that the Midlothian officer jumped at the bar and waved an assault rifle before running out shooting to death Roberson, Kulis said.

Colis said that the guard who had survived told him that the officer had pointed a pistol at him until he shouted at him that he was a security guard.

"So he jumped out of the bar, waved a gun and ran out the door," Colis said, refusing to identify the other security guard.

Colis also repeated reports of evidence that Roberson held another man outside the bar when the officer came and shot him.

The prosecution claims excessive force by police officer Midlothian and says the shooting was "unrovoked" and "unjustified".

Coles said he was trying to gather information about the White Officer, who he said had arrived at Midlutian four years ago from another department and was a member of the SWAT team.

Midotian issued a statement that was not answered.

"The village of Midlothian and its regime wish to express their heartfelt condolences to the family of Mel Roberson," said Nick Valdez, a lawyer in Medellutian.

Valdez refused to comment on the suit. In a separate statement on his Facebook page, the police called Roberson a courageous man who did his best to put an end to the active shooter situation in Manny's blue room.

On Tuesday, the Association for Civil Rights in the United States of Illinois condemned the shooting to death.

"Working as a security guard while black should not be a death sentence," said Karen Sheley, a clerk with ACLU of Illinois. "In this case, the police was more dangerous than him than an active shooter who is
Apparently restrained. "

"Here, the assumptions of a cop on Mr. Roberson, apparently influenced by bias, rather than a clear assessment of the situation, brought tragedy," she said.

The parking lot where a security guard was killed by Mel Roberson. | Mitch Armantrot / The Sun Times

The parking lot where a security guard was killed by Mel Roberson. | Mitch Armantrot / The Sun Times

On Tuesday, their loved ones signaled the place Roberson was shot in the parking lot of the club with candles spelling his name. On the keys of a toy piano placed near the candles was the message: "You are playing with the greatest of the great now."

"He was an organ and a loving son," said Beatrice Roberson. "He played in various churches, a good man, a hard worker, he loved his family, a church man."

Pastor Marvin Hunter said that Roberson was a "young young man," and a promising keyboard in his church and several others in the area.

Roberson tried to "get enough money together for a new apartment," said Hunter, the uncle of Lakewan MacDonald, a black boy who was shot dead by van Dyke in 2014.

Roverson, the father of the baby, also hoped that one day he would become a policeman, according to his son's mother.

"It's going to be my baby's first Christmas with his dad and now he's going to miss it all," said Avontea Boose.

The GoFundMe page has already begun to help bury Roverson's burial and help his family.

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