Monday , October 25 2021

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For one of the first times in the 13-year tenure of Mike McCarthy as Green Bay Packers coach, his job security has become a problem.

A day after Thursday's loss in Seattle they dropped the Packers to a 4-5-1 season – including a 5-5 road record – McCarthy was asked if he was worried about his future.

"I focus on what we face, every person inside, especially the football team, we have a commitment in 2018, and that's all I've focused on," he said.

McCarthy, who led Packers to one Super Bowl title and nine playoff appearances in his first 11 seasons, is in danger of missing out on the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time in his career. His previous appearances in the playoffs were in 2006 (his first year as head coach), 2008 (first year of Aaron Rogers as a starter) and 2017 (when Rogers missed half of the season with a broken collarbone).

"That's the job," McCarthy said of external expectations. "That's how this business disappeared, I'm not going to enter similar variables, but at the end of the day it's part of the head coach's responsibility. We've been here for 12 years and it's our responsibility to play that standard, that's how we approach it, but it's a blanket, There are, of course, much more than that, but at the end of the day there are so many games every seven – a point of the day – it's clear we're here for 10 days – and that's really where energy needs to focus. "

The Packers easily finish the most difficult difficulty of the season – four road games five a week – next Sunday in Minnesota. The only victory in that stretch came home against Miami. They started with Rams and Patriots' losses in the weeks back.

When asked if he intends to talk about his future will affect the dressing room, McCarthy said: "I do not think you can direct it, it was in those days, so you had newspapers, but I think the world of today, everything is accessible, all moment, I'm sure That everyone is aware, I think the biggest challenge is when you have a lot of success, I think negatives is a regrettable part of this business that drives the exterior, but it's a business we're in. "

McCarthy, who is under contract through 2019 after signing a one-year extension at the end of last season, is in his first year reporting to group president Marc Murphy. The structure changed in January after Murphy forced General Manager Ted Thompson, who hired McCarthy, to hire Brian Gotkonst as General Motors. If Murphy decides to make a coaching change, it is not clear what input Gutekunst had on the new hire.

After the game, it took some asking Rogers to offer a reason why Packers still have hope for this season. Rogers mentioned the need for moments of galvanization.

One of those moments could have come to him had McCarthy decided to go for it 4 and 2 out of his 33 yard line with 4:20 remaining against the Seahawks. Instead, he knocked.

He said on Friday that his first reaction was to go for it.

"We have a grid and the numbers have been calculated," McCarthy said. "I think that three-and-a-half puts us in the right place for 2 minutes … I have a lot of confidence in a 2 minute offense, especially with Aaron, that's a decision we made, It seems that the natural response to my condition, especially earlier, was to just go for it.It looks exactly inside what is happening there.You can see at some point I started to go to the judge because I was going to call the timeout and just make sure we determined Because I already had the play I wanted. But we talked about this smart management game, and that's the decision I made. "

It will not be easier considering the long injury list. McCarthy would not say if Graham broke his thumb, the NFL reported on Friday. He was just saying that a strong end veteran was in the training room on Friday. Defending tackle with Michael Daniels (foot), corner Bashud Breeland (groin) and safety Raven Greene (an ankle) all dropped out of the game. The Packers were also without Cornerback Kevin King (hamstring), Shelter Randall Cobb (hamstring), Linebacker Nick Perry (knee) and Kentrell Bryce Safety (ankle). None of those first four even went to Seattle.

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